Old Video of Salman Khan Defending Pakistan Post Mumbai Terrorist Attacks Resurfaces On The Internet

An old video of Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan, defending Pakistan after the Mumbai terrorist attacks has resurfaced on the internet, drawing criticism for the actor.

In 2008 a group of terrorists carried out 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks in Mumbai that lasted for four days. As many as 174 people, including 9 attackers, lost their lives.

As has always been the case , India put the blame for facilitating these terrorist attacks on Pakistan. However, during an interview Salman Khan defended the Pakistani government and said that “everybody knows that the government is not behind this.”

“It was the elite that was targeted this time. Five-star hotels and all. So they panicked. Then they got up and spoke about it. My question is why not before. Attacks have happened in trains and small towns too, but no one talked about it so much,” Salman Khan had said during the interview.

Following the interview, Salman Khan faced lots of criticism in India, eventually forcing him to apologize for his comments.

“What I meant was that every human life is precious, be it rich or poor. I always had and always will have faith in our intelligence agencies, army and police forces. I did not mean to hurt anybody. If I have hurt anybody I am really sorry,” Salman Khan clarifying his comments had said.

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