On this day: Edhi left us three years ago, but we should keep Edhism alive

Edhi left behind a legacy. While we remember him today, we have sadly forgotten what he stood for.

“So, many years later there were many who still complained and questioned, ‘Why must you pick up Christians and Hindus in your ambulance?’ And I was saying, ‘Because the ambulance is more Muslim than you’.”
― Abdul Sattar Edhi

Three years ago, Edhi left us. Or we should say, left Pakistan as an orphan. As we remember him on his death anniversary today, we need to reflect on where we stand with ‘Edhism’.

Edhism is the philosophy of love, giving and doing your tiny part towards society’s wellbeing. Hailing from a humble background, he always ‘shared’ the little he had, which became a determining attribute in his personality.

Initiating his journey for the lesser-fortunate when his mother because she could not get proper health care, Edhi broke all the dividing boundaries, be it religion, sectarianism or ethnicity – being hope for all.

Gangs fighting in Lyari would cease fire only to let his ambulance collect bodies. The infants, who when left at doors of mosques were stoned to death for the doubt of being illegitimate, would find a place in his cradle.

In a country where plates and cups of people belonging to different religions are separated as they are viewed unpure, his doors opened for all, without even asking a question.

Edhi taught us to live life with a different meaning. A meaning that lives long. He himself lived a very simple life. He did not even make a home for his children and in fact, did his part in making a society in which our coming generations would feel safe, loved, accepted and secure.

Edhi’s services do not need any prize to be written in books of glory. If we say that his legacy is among the very few things our conservative, aggressive and suffocating society can take pride in, there truly is no exaggeration in it.

Edhi Foundation has rescued more than 20,000 abandoned infants, trained over 40,000 nurses and has taken care of not less than 50,000 orphans. His contributions got him the title of ‘Angel of Mercy’, which he quite aptly deserved.

But with Edhi leaving this world, his organization suffers.  Maybe we have forgotten his message or maybe the contributing factor is the lack of trust, but as we remember him on his third death anniversary today, we should also remember the duty we have towards him – to keep Edhism alive and make his organization’s hand strong.

40% decline in donations after Edhi’s death:

Speaking to a local media channel, Faisal Edhi, Abdul Sattar Edhi’s son spoke about the challenges Edhi foundation is facing after his demise. He said that the donations being received are not enough to cater to all expenses.

“It is certain that Abdul Sattar Edhi did a superb job in handling the organization and managing its financial affairs. He founded this organization to help everyone. After his death, individual zakat contributions and other donations have gone down by 40 percent both at the national and international level,” he said.

Anwer Kazmi, an official of Edhi Foundation, added that the donations have significantly declined are insufficient to meet expenses.

“The donations have not been according to our expectations. They have decreased by 40 percent as compared to the donations this foundation received when Abdul Sattar Edhi was alive. There was a drop of 30 percent in Hide collection during the Eidul Azha as well,” he revealed, speaking to the said media source.

Nation remembers Edhi today:

On the occasion of his third death anniversary, Pakistan remembers the national hero today and thank him for his selfless contributions towards the society.

Edhi’s philosophy needs to be talked about, written on, taught and remembered until we achieve a society that he envisioned. A human-centric society, full of love and compassion.


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