‘One Pakistani Dying Of Heart Attack Every Five Minutes’ – President Heart Association of Pakistan

Cardiac problems and heart attack are among the leading causes, in fact, the leading ’cause’ of deaths in Pakistan. Cardiovascular diseases cause 40% of deaths in Pakistan.

 Maj Gen. (R) Masood ur Rehman, President Heart Association of Pakistan, says that a Pakistani loses his life to heart attack. He said this to a seminar on “Awareness of Heart diseases and safety” this Saturday.

The similar statistics were revealed by Network for Consumer Protection in a press release last month, where it stated that 12 people die every single hour due to heart attack in Pakistan.

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Masood said that it is imperative at this time to aware people about the precautionary measures and consequences. The prime reason is the unhealthy diet and inactive routine, that, unfortunately, is common for all Pakistanis. Dr Masood added that 50% of patients die while being shifted to the hospital. He said that 70% of the people suffer heart diseases because of the unhealthy lifestyle prevalent in the subcontinent.

It can be a slow process of erosion. Half of the people with untreated hypertension die of heart disease, poor blood flow and another third die due to stroke – he added.

“Our lifestyle where we usually do not feel the need of physical exercise, overeating, smoking and cholesterol is causing the heart issues and heart attack adding that besides exercise we also need to use balance diet to overcome heart problems” – said Maj Gen. (R) Masood ur Rehman. 

The stats are quite horrifying to ring the bells and massive awareness campaigns need to be carried out to aware people about their health. Especially is important at this point to encourage people to adopt a physically active lifestyle and watch what they are consuming in terms of food or the figures are likely to increase.

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