Online game ludo – a source of true love? Rajasthan woman convinced to cross the India Pakistan border to meet lover after playing

Online gaming plays a huge role in our lives as it presents us with a hobby, a fun way of passing the time, and even some money. However, did you ever expect online gaming to be the source of true love? An incident took place at the Attari border on Thursday that changed the reality for many.

How it all began?

A woman started playing the online game Ludo with a young man from Pakistan. The two fell in love while playing the game online. Their love reached such indescribable heights that the woman decided to cross the Attari border to be with the man she loved.

Caught while crossing the border

This woman from Rajasthan had called the young man to the Attari border. However, before she could cross the border, the Amritsar Police of Punjab caught her from the Jallianwala Bagh area.

According to reports, the woman inquired about going to the Attari border from an auto-rickshaw driver when the cops suspected her. The woman was questioned, and the whole matter was revealed.

During interrogation, it was found that she is a resident of Saipau town of Dholpur, Rajasthan. The woman stated that she was crossing the Attari border to go to Pakistan to meet her lover.

The police interrogation further revealed that the man and the woman had played Ludo online for six months. The woman shared:

During this time, I got acquainted with a young man named Ali from Pakistan. We started talking by chatting. Eventually, a plan was made to meet at the Attari border between India and Pakistan.

Talking to the media, Saipau Thanaprabhari Paramjeet said:

A woman from my area left the house two days ago, leaving her 2-year-old child.

This information was shared with the Amritsar Police beforehand, which is why they were able to reach the woman on time. Following the interrogation, the police handed the woman over to her in-laws.

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