Online poll suggests that Facebook accounts of 56% people were banned for Pro-Kashmir content

Pakistanis have had enough of this hypocrisy, and they are not keeping quiet anymore!


A couple of weeks ago, The  IT Minister Syed Aminul Haq criticized Facebook for being soft towards the Bharatiya Janata Party’s government in India and ‘biased’ against Kashmir’s cause.

Mr. Haq stated that Facebook has different policies for India’s governing party despite the anti-Muslim policies of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“In August 2019, the accounts of Pakistani users who raised their voices for the victims of occupied Kashmir were closed down,” said the IT Minister.

Recently, Siasat. Pk took to Twitter and said, “Have you ever been blocked or restricted by @Facebook for posting in favor of #Kashmir?”

Almost 2.2K people voted, and unsurprisingly 55.6% of people voted ‘yes.’  

Pakistanis have had enough of this hypocrisy, and they are not keeping quiet anymore. Social media users are calling the act ‘unjust’ and discriminatory.

Here is what people had to say!


It seems that Facebook’s principles have fallen prey to investments and influence by Indian employees in regional offices.

The discriminatory behavior of the Facebook administration might be because of India’s 250 million social media users.

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  • Why can’t Pakistanis simply boycott Facebook on state level? If we are not allowed to share what we want to share on Facebook then why do we need it??

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