Online retailing brings Pakistan in textiles race with India and Bangladesh

Pakistan is benefiting from the global shift to online retailing.

  • Pakistan’s cost-competitive garment makers are drawing attention from international consumers.
  • Pakistan’s most important sector for the economy, the textile industry contributed $544 billion to the total trade in FY2019.
  • Garment companies of Pakistan are trying hard to get into the supply chains of some of the biggest fashion brands in the world.

The most important sector of Pakistan’s economy is Textile. Pakistan’s textile industry provided $544 billion to the total trade in the fiscal year 2018-2019. A large amount of contribution has been made by the readymade garment sector.

Textile companies and garment makers of Pakistan are trying very hard to provide supplies to the biggest international brands and chase rivals India and Bangladesh.

International consumers like Zara and H&M are demanding high quality and low costs from the suppliers said a local garment maker based in Faisalabad. As Pakistan lags behind the Asian traditional leaders in garment production like china, Vietnam and Bangladesh so the pressure on companies to lessen the prices is very intense.

There is always a situation as war footing as every international consumer is intended to have a low price because they know they have many other buying options in their basket from all around the globe. You will lose business if you do not act on war footing said a local garment maker.

Pakistan’s garment makers are getting attention from international brands. The CEO of prestigious industry executives like Li & Fung have seen Pakistan as an “Attractive Sourcing Base”.

The success of Online Retailing in Pakistan:


Pakistan is benefiting from the global shift to online retailing. Pakistan’s largest knitwear maker, Masood textile, started suppling to Amazon, a leading online company three years ago said the general manager of the company. Current business with Amazon is reported to be 2-3pc of total sales, said the general manager of Masood Textile, but is growing at the rate of 5-10pc a year.

Markets trends and behavior should be researched and followed otherwise it is impossible to survive in a garment business said the marketing manager.

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