Operation Grift: SSGC speeds up the crackdown against gas theft

  • About 118,000 operations have been conducted under the anti-gas theft drive, says the head of counter gas theft operations Brigadier Retired General Abuzar.
  • Gas theft proceedings are handled in Gas Utility Courts.
  • The crackdown has been conducted in Larkana, Rohri, Hyderabad, Nawabshah and Jacobabad regions of Sindh in a recent drive against the gas-stealing.
  • Call at 1199 for gas theft reporting.


The crisis of energy is one of the long-standing and leading issues confronting Pakistan. Energy whether it is in the form of electricity, gas contributes to almost all the sectors and it plays a pivotal role in the country’s economic growth. One prominent indicator responsible for the crisis of gas in the country is gas theft.

Gas theft involves both domestic and industrial theft. Gas stealing is done by using suction boasters in the industrial sector which interferes with the meter reading. The direct line use is another method that comes under gas theft. 

Gas utility courts

Gas theft proceedings are handled in Gas Utility Courts and a total of the 27 courts are working within the country. About 118,000 operations have been conducted under the anti-gas theft drive. Hundreds of FIR have been lodged in relation to gas theft and billions of rupees have been recovered so far in the recent operations against the gas stealing.

These operations are conducted on intelligence based information with the help of Rangers, Police, and other law enforcement agencies where ever necessary.

How to report gas theft?

Any responsible citizen can send photographs and details of gas theft to Gas Theft Control Department or call at 1199 for gas theft reporting. 5 percent of the recovered amount is given to the person who informs about possible gas theft according to the theft control law.

SSGC’c Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations

SSGC’c Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS and CGTO) team has started a rigorous operation on gas theft. The teams take action against gas theft. The CGTO teams consisting of intelligence, Measurement, and Technical Wings.

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Details of the recent crackdown against gas theft

Crackdown in Hyderabad

SS & CGTO Hyderabad carried out a joint raid in the Hyderabad city area. The Culprit was found using gas for both domestic and commercial purposes (Tea Hotel and Pakwan Centre). Meter & Regulator was suspected tampered. The connected load was 195 Cft/Hr. Meter and Regulator were removed and the claim will be raised accordingly. Crackdown against such culprit will intensify in the future.

Crackdown in Larkana, Rohri, and Jacobabad

Larkana Distribution (Theft Control Task Force) detected underground theft and removed clamps. 0ne house found using gas illegally through 01 clamps in the village Sijawal Miro Khan. NC also lodged at PS Sijawl.

In Madina Colony Mehar another house found using gas illegally through an over-head rubber pipe.
Shaikh Mohallah Jacobabad. Three houses were found using gas illegally through overhead rubber pipes in Shaikh Mohallah Jacobabad.

CGTO conducted a raid on a medical store in Osta Muhammad whose owner had punctured 4 Inches main gas pipeline for operating a heavy generator for power generation. There was stiff resistance from the culprits who didn’t allow entry to the raiding team.

The anti-theft team then approached DSP Osta Muhammad to do the needful. The gas supply of the medical store was cut and an FIR has also been lodged against the accused Ghulam Hussain and Mushtiaque in PS Osta Muhammad.

Operation in Nawabshah region

About 4 direct lines were killed in the Nawabshah region of Sindh alongside the removal of one direct clamp in a recent operation against gas-theft.

The clampdown in the industrial sector

SSGC Joint load survey team comprising of Representatives of Measurement, Sales, and SS & CGTO Department, carried out a detailed inspection of the following Industries: M/s Sufi Industry, M/s Shan Industry, and M/s SK traders.

The detailed reports will be initiated for necessary action by Sales, Measurement and Billing Departments on the violations of gas sales agreements and meter size.

Daily progress report of gas-theft control activities

Weekly progress report of theft control activities by Sui-Southern Gas Company.

Do you have any information about possible gas theft? Report to the anti-gas theft department and leave your comments below


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