Opinion: A Philosophical Reason Why Karachi Is The Best City To Live In Pakistan!

Over-populated, yet surrounded by mystery

Karachi is a jam-packed cluster of millions of people. The roads are narrow, the parks even narrower, but the hearts are open, though.

Char Minar Chowrangi, Bahadurabad, Karachi.
Empress Market, Karachi. (scra/Pinterest)

You might see some houses, all fitting perfectly in both of your eyes; you are indifferent to them.

Abandoned railway tracks across Wall Trestle Bridge, Orange Town Station, Karachi.  The railway tracks are surrounded by illegal slums. (Ivan Sigal)

Interestingly, they turn out to be densely-populated settlements housing thousands and thousands of people.

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Each individual in every household has dreams and aspirations for the future, too precious to be broken.

Saddar, Karachi. (Saad Saeed)

In the words of Eva zu Beck, a Swedish vlogger who toured Pakistan extensively, “I am convinced, one of these tiny flats in Karachi must be home to the soul of humanity.

Karachi, a perspective. (Saad Saeed)

Take rest, my friend.

From amidst this mess, you take a step out of the metropolis, and voila, you are in a different world. There are barely any humans.

Kirthar National Park is just north of Karachi.

The stars, which you almost forgot even existed in the first place, are visible, shining. You stare at them in awe, marveling and trying to come to terms with God’s amazing creations.

Mubarak Village is located on the outskirts of the city.

All your tired eyes can see here are bare mountains, sandy plains, a few trees here and there, and exotic beaches.

Hawke’s Bay Beach, Karachi.

All your life, you have been living so close to solitude yet so far!

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  • پی پی نے کراچی برباد کر دیا پی ٹی آئی نے لاہور اور پشاور، بہترین کہاں سے ہو گئے؟

  • Without a doubt Karachi is the business hub or Pakistan and is the most lively city of Pakistan.
    Having said that, the city is overpopulated, full of crime (like any other city of this size), horrible weather, deteriorating infrastructure and above all very expensive to live.
    It all depends on the reasons of moving to karachi. If one intends to conduct a retail business, karachi is one of the best places to do so. If an international type lifestyle is desired, then Islamabad is the best options as houses are cheap, much mellower people in potohar, cheaper to live in, awesome weather.

  • Karachi certainly have a big heart…its truly the pulse of Pakistan…PPP has destroyed its structure…but people are generally very gracious…

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