OPINION | Imran Khan’s First Defeat in The Game of Thrones

The next few months will decide the fate of Sharifs, the future of Imran Khan's politics & the sentiments PTI Voters will have for the Establishment.

19th Nov, 19 – Making this date significant in Pakistani Politics, Nawaz Sharif has left for London to get medical treatment.

This ‘flight’ was planned quite a while ago and it started when Islamabad High Court gave “bail” to a convicted criminal on health grounds. According to legal experts, this itself was a new thing to happen, as ‘convicted criminals’ never get temporary bails, they are temporarily released in exceptional cases on ‘paroles’.

Next, the ball came in the court of PM Imran Khan when Nawaz Sharif requested Federal Govt to remove his name from the ECL which Imran Khan refused to do so without a surety bond. Yet again, the Sharifs were rescued by another court i.e Lahore High Court, who, for the first time in the history, allowed a convicted criminal, to travel abroad WITHOUT any financial security.

The rumor birds suggest, the next person to fly abroad would be Maryam Nawaz Sharif and a similar route will be adopted if Imran Khan again will NOT remove her name from ECL unconditionally.

Being very fair to Imran Khan, he never wanted this all. He never wanted Nawaz Sharif to travel abroad. He wished and wishes for worse lawful punishments for Sharif, Zardaris and company. But let’s be honest, he does not have the power to do so.

It’s quite obvious that “Remove Nawaz’s Name from ECL” was the first “Wish/Order” by COAS which Imran Khan REFUSED to act upon.

And It’s quite obvious that the Establishment made it clear to Imran Khan that they DO NOT need the PM to get what they want, they do have the courts for that.

Imran Khan didn’t ask his ministers to cover up the corruption of PMLN & PPP. Imran Khan didn’t influence NAB to end their cases. Imran Khan didn’t allow NS to travel abroad.

Imran Khan didn’t give anyone NRO. The Establishment did! Imran Khan will not give NRO to Maryam. The Establishment would!

Today marks Imran Khan’s first major defeat in the Game of Thrones, where he couldn’t manage to convince the establishment, that the process of accountability is vital for Pakistan & it would lose credibility if Nawaz Sharif travels abroad.

Today, PM Imran Khan should now understand that this matter has gone out of his hands. If Sharifs have brokered a deal with the Establishment, they will get the deal, NO MATTER how frustrating it gets for him.

From here, PM Imran Khan can pick from three paths:

1. The Path of Zardari: Not bothering about any establishment & loot the country.
2. The Path of Sharif: Picking a fight with the most honorable institution of the Army.
3. The path of performance.

NOW, Khan should only focus on what is completely, entirely and solely in HIS hands: “Reforms”. Health, Education, Legal, Social, Environmental, Agricultural, Industrial & All Reforms.

I have no doubt, personally, on Imran Khan’s honesty and determination. I staunchly believe he does want to make Pakistan a Welfare State. But it’s time Khan starts looking upon his mistakes which are obstacles in the way of public satisfaction. Its time PM.should reconsider appointments like Usman Buzdar, Mehmood Khan, Yasmin Rashid & many more.

Lastly, I being an extremely optimistic patriot have no reason to believe that after letting the courts completely expose the corrupt house of Sharif, the Establishment has any reason to protect Maryam or Nawaz for 2023 or later future. I don’t see Establishment ever trusting them again. They shouldn’t be at least.

So if the reason behind allowing Nawaz & Maryam to travel abroad, is to get rid of them politically & to let Khan govern in peace, then NOT A ‘VERY BAD’ move. But this is only my wish or a fool’s dream you may say until we actually see Nawaz & Maryam disassociating themselves from politics in the coming months.

The next few months will decide the fate of Sharifs, the future of Imran Khan’s politics & the sentiments PTI Voters will have for the Establishment.

Till then, hoping, WHATEVER happens, happens for the betterment of Pakistan!

  • Establishment is using Q league and MQM against IK now… I think IK will never surrender he will fight till end either democracy win or fully destroyed.. IK will form presidential qovt against establishment and opposition..

      • Presidential system suits the establishment and Parliamentary system suits the blackmailers in the Parliament. We are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. What is the solution to this dilemma?

    • I don’t think the presidential form would be acceptable to the majority. It’s not that time when I wish or you wish used to happen. The rest is a pretty fair assessment

    • Imran Khan is not fighter he drug addict and womanizer it is worst type of corruption. I always how can you support this type of person.

  • Whoever has played the role in sending the criminal nawaz out of the country, they are the REAL TRAITORS, ENEMIES of Pakistan.

  • PERFORMANCE is a nice word to put on a blog. But it is very hard to perform when courts spank you when you try to change IG or even a police official.
    IK for sure is an honest person and a great leader and if it comes to that he better not to give establishment an NRO either. He need to hang all these otherwise no point him continue ruling.

  • Ik alone could not do anything. He will be forced by many unseen powers from within the country to surrender.
    Kaun ni janta k Nawaz aur Zardari chor hain. Aik ny apni governorship may Punjab ka sara paisa khud py aur family py laga k apni nasal ko sanwaar lia aur doosra jo bambino cenima k ticket black krta tha wo mulk ka president bn gya aur mister 10 percent bn gya.
    Akaila IK jitna b zor laga lay kuch ni kr skta.

  • IK has selected Buzdaar as his weakest part. Punjab ka bht bura haal kr dia hy Buzdaar ny. He is seen no where.

  • IK should immediately replace Buzdaar and the govt should start performing now. Otherwise awam ko umeed ke jo kiran nazar ai the wo hmesha k liay bujh jy ge. Phir wohi chor lutairay aa jain gay aur phir wohi baray pait walay molvi maulana diesel jaisay.

  • Imran Khan can must defeat the establishment with performance. Pakistan need a major reforms in all areas. Digitalization of the economy should be the top priority of IK government.

  • Extremely disappointed by judiciary a convicted criminal was allowed to leave at all. Proud of IK and feel disturbed for him he is surrounded by devils from all sides. Allah be with him and help him find way to rescue Pakistan from their clutches. Aameen.

  • Imran needs to pick his battles. He cant take on everyone and govern the country at the same time. Pakistan is hard country to govern in any case and on top if you start figjting with all opposition parties then you are bound to fail.

  • Three pillars fu***ing joke in Pakistan ,First pillar Army is busy constructing DHA Societies, Judiciary is like a prostitute pay as you want & you will get that … the third pillar is bunch of corrupts .The only hope is IK but he is not in good books of 3 Pillars because they don’t want an honest and patriotic leader .May Allah bless IK but we deserve PML N PPP Moulana sahab .I feel sorry for IK he should not have been in dirty & corrupt politics .

  • Imran Khan should understand the game of Thrones and try to restraint him self from collusion with Establishment. He should focus on Performance with his best team not with adopted ones, he should recognize the Black sheeps in his cabinet.
    The Only way is take off the Economy and try hard to batter the life of a Common Pakistani. ignore all conspiracies. If he steadfast on Welfare state ALLAH Swt will definitely help him.

  • On Serious note imran Khan should think about the interferences of military…I wish he should do like tayyab Erdogan to reduce military power..

  • The main party behind all these events against PM IK is chief of Army or Army.
    Reason IK failure to understand attack on Kashmir by indians and not allow army to handle brave way
    Failure to understand the effects of Darna and allowing it, it left dark rd to Ik.
    3. IK preferred to be politician then leader.
    4. Our pirani bhabi was launched by American to fool in his decisions and misguided him.

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