OPINION | PTM’s agenda of turning poor tribals against its army is not of a well-wisher

Apparently PTM's 'time is up'. What started off as a genuine campaign for rights of tribal people has now been hijacked by a futile anti-Army and pro-Afghan agenda.

So apparently PTM’s ‘time is up’. I was the one supporting Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) and their demands from day one. And yes they are genuine. State recognizes that. People of FATA have sacrificed the most in this war on terror and we Punjabis maybe the least. PM Imran Khan repeatedly has endorsed their demands. He even attended their first protest held in Islamabad that was triggered by police encounter of Naqeeb Mehsood allegedly by Rao Anwaar (whom Bilawal’s father called ‘bahadur bacha’). State on different occasions has tried to communicate with them and listen to their grievances.

But it is observed that they were doing Ayen Bayain Shayen whenever the state offered let’s sit together and talk. Be it with DG-ISPR, Parliamentary committees and even Khan himself. They have been flip-flopping. They have repeatedly been asked to give their demands in written for once, but apparently, they were not willing to solve the issue by table talk and not ready to be taken in confidence by the state which was only confusing.

A few months back their activities started to seem too fishy. The whole movement was no more a Waziristan issue and they started to make it sound like a Pashun ethnic cleansing and persecution issue. That’s where they lost the plot. The actual cause was left behind, the agenda was hijacked and the more focus was an anti-army, pro-Afghanistan narrative.

The actual problems of poor people of FATA took a back seat and they were active internationally garnering support overseas from a specific minded community, and the way international media was jumping to every misleading article they wrote about ‘Pashtun Persecution’ and ‘Army committing war crimes against Pashtuns’ the cat came out of the bag.

The truth is war is over, now peace is returning to FATA and its time to rebuild it again and all they want is chaos again? One may ask what exactly now they want to achieve from “Yeh Jo Dehshat Gardi Hai Is Kay Peechy Wardi Hai”?

I, myself, am a believer of this notion that terrorism in Pakistan is caused by ill policies of harboring militancy by the Pakistan Army in the past. But that’s old news now. Army has taken a U-Turn and is cleansing Pakistan of militancy. So their slogan is way too old now. It is serving no one but some powers they are alleged to have been taking funding form.


Pakistan is being governed by Pashtuns right now. How can they speak for whole Pashtuns? and imply they are being persecuted? Their issues revolved around FATA and Waziristan specifically, why they are making it sound internationally as if Pashtuns are being persecuted in Pakistan?

It is truth that people they are apparently speaking for have gone through a lot. That’s exactly why it is now the time to cure their wounds and rebuild the tribal area. The state recently announced it is going to spend an annual budget more than the amount that has been ever spent by the state on FATA since Pakistan’s inception. And PTM wants its people to be in a confrontation with its Army once again? That is not very well-wisher like.

The state says it has proofs of their funding from RAW and NDS. If Yes, then nation would like to see them, tangible and visible, out in the open. And the best thing is DG-ISPR announced that they are going to be tried legally. No ‘operation’ is going to be carried out. And if it proved that they took foreign funding for all this, it’s simple plain treason case. So nation would like to see the law taking its course transparently.

If agencies have enough proofs, which by the details (of money transfers, names of the people they met, places and dates) revealed by DG-ISPR in his press conference seems they have, PTM is in big trouble.

Truth is they are in parliament today because the state wanted them to. They are in parliament because Khan didn’t field his candidate against them. It was very easy for a ‘selected PM’ to rig two more constituencies in FATA where there is no media at all and no one can do a thing if the ‘evil Army’ didn’t want them to come to parliament at first place. It only shows the state has tried its best to mainstream them. They wanted to talk it out but PTM was on some other mission – all at the cost of miseries and emotions of poor tribal people.

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