Opinion: The war-torn FATA still in ruins | When will our fate change?

One of the basic principles of that Medina's state was compassion, which the KP government is so far missing with regards to tribal districts.

On 31 May 2018, FATA was officially merged with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It had happened with the consent of almost all major political parties. The purpose was to develop the war-torn area at a faster rate.

In February, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Pakistan, 14 public departments had not spent a single penny in ex-FATA. Whereas others only utilized 6.5% of funds from the annual development budget for the fiscal year 2019-20.

A total of Rupees 83 billion, including federal government’s 72 billion and KP government’s 11 billion, was allocated in the budget for the uplift of merged districts. However, only Rs. 5.4 billion worth of development work was completed until February.

This is partially due to the lack of public offices in the tribal districts, which is contrary to the earlier claim of the government, saying that it will quickly extend all its departments to merged districts.

PTM and the ‘Pashtun State’

With the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) around the corner, building rhetoric that the second-largest community of Pakistan i.e. “the Pashtuns” is being treated as third-class citizens is not a very difficult task.

Most of the demands of the PTM leader Manzoor Ahmed (also called Manzoor Pashtun by his followers out of hope and admiration for him) are fairly genuine grievances of the public, which he is manipulating.

But in addition, he has on an occasion, while addressing his supporters, glorified the idea of a Pashtun separate state, where all major positions including PM and Army Chief are held by Pashtuns.

In a situation when people already feel neglected by the state, PTM becomes a bigger danger than it really is. But their demands are simply dismissed, saying that the people are ‘being provoked’.

Who, as per them, are provoking the people of tribal districts against them? If they want to stop people from getting aggravated, it is in the national interest to ensure that their concerns are absolved by addressing all their genuine demands.

How can it be done? By spending the allocated money to develop the tribal districts.

In three to four years, basic facilities like health, education, policing, and infrastructure can easily improve. An effective local body system is also important to solve every Union Council’s (UC) issues in that particular domain.

The people in positions of power often fall in a delusion, thinking that they can arrest people to hide their incompetence. However, our history tells us that no person in power has been able to permanently suppress any voice with even a shred of truth. Jails make those voices even stronger.

Arresting Manzoor Pashtun and other PTM leaders is only making things worse. It is having political repercussions – it is making the people of tribal districts support PTM more.

I, speaking on behalf of the suffering tribal districts of Pakistan, understand that due to the pandemic, the developmental work has come to a halt. I recognize that it will take time to extend government departments to previously almost uncharted territory.

But no progress in the seven months before the COVID-19 crisis is increasing the grievances of the people more and the trust is decreasing once again.

Not taking any practical step, unfortunately, reflects either the incompetence or lack of interest of the PTI’s KP government. This is, more importantly, helping the PTM rhetoric.

PM Imran Khan talks about building a welfare state on Medina’s model. One of the basic principles of that state was compassion, which the KP government is so far missing with regards to tribal districts.

Some Hope

Chief Minister’s Advisor for Tribal Districts, Ajmal Wazir, in February, said that “We will carry out development work in tribal districts at a high pace in future”.

The people of FATA have suffered long enough. The rest of Pakistan at least owes this to them that their districts are developed on a priority basis. We cannot go back in time to stop the miseries that happened. The least we can do is give them a good future, so all their previous miseries seem like a bad dream.

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  • There will be no peace until we have good Taliban…… south Waziristan is full of good Taliban….target killings on the rise ,even recently a dr and CSS officer were killed in north Waziristan…. the only our govt does …blame others and that’s it …. Tahir Dawar high rank officer was kidnapped from Capital Islamabad  and killed  and dead body was recovered by Afghan from Afghanistan. Shame for our country . I will be not surprised if our pm or president body is recovered from another country……the biggest weakness of us that we dont accept our failures….. jab aap failure accept nahi karte to kia khak theek karooge…

  • yea the twerp who has written about good taliban. do we as a people have such short memories? Have we forgotten the days of TTP and their terrorism? Have we forgotten Mullah radio and its fellow guild of terrorist that ran away to afghanistan and sheltered there after being forced out of Pakistan’s territory?

    This TTPTM is just that a political wing of TTP who are now telling people that TTP were justified in their terrorist activities!

    Why does Kabul and NDS support PTM? why are TTP sanctuaries just over the border? Using Tribal people’s resentment is nothing but a hoax! This so called resentment is what TTP used to bring ‘Islamic’ system to Tribal areas and KP! They were nothing but terrorists using Islam as a cover.


    Now this after war resentment in which we see these phony charlatans who are propped up by enemies and funded by them too!


    Lastly this notion that the whole tribal area is supporting TTPTM is false it was false when TTP was around that all of Tribal districts and KP are with TTP!

  • Government can start a scheme to provide additional funding to districts (or divisions) which will allow IDPs to relocate and resettle. These IDPs can be relocated to districts in Sindh. Government can provide vocational training/jobs  to adults and free education to their children.

  • Allhamdullilah, finally something was posted by Siasat.pk staff which is shedding   al light on issues which are relevant to Pakistan not like Xyz celebrity dancing or Xyz celebrate said blah blah blah.



  • We are still working towards it

    This covid has stalled the progress

    just be patient.

  • History
    Throughout history Fata was just some wasteland near border that no one cared about. The war on terror was tough and long and many lessons were learned. One of the lesson was FATA need to get proper infrastructure of government and local economy to Prevent it becoming a hub for terrorism activity again.

    Anyone who stands up for the rights of local population deserves to be raise this their voice should be heard.  PTM issue is they care less about local issues and more what their masters want. How I come to this conclusion:
    There are many examples but here are few examples. PTM didn’t raise their voice when Terrorist were massacring civilians. PTM raised their voice against army for the local losing limbs due to land mines, it was the terrorist who planted land mines but PTM manipulated it and blamed the army. The hatred directly toward the security agencies and trying to make the people riot against them.

    Going Forward
    Pakistan Neglected the region for over 70 years and now trying to get Fata to become prosperous. It will take time but it’s step in right direction.


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