Orya Maqbool’s anti-polio propaganda video taken down

Facebook is taking action against anti-polio content, taking it down.

Facebook is taking action against anti-polio propaganda content


From now on, Facebook itself is on board against anti-polio propaganda. It was decided in an online meeting with Prime Minister’s focal person on Polio, Babar Bin Atta alongside heads of the World Health Organization and UNICEF in Pakistan.

As an outcome of the meeting, Facebook’s Global Regulatory & Content Management Team agreed to remove all the content and pages propagating against this life crippling disease. The international authorities have sprung into action as well as with the nature of the disease being contagious, there is a concern over its outbreak again in the countries that have eradicated them.

While we will continue to work closely with @Facebook‘s young & energetic management to identify & recommend actions on malicious & propaganda material, I will personally be taking Google‘s silence on the issue up with WHO, UNICEF, BMGF & CDC’s global leadership – said PM IK Focal Person for Polio Babar Atta.

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Pakistan has already paid a lot of price by falling to these hoaxes, however, there is no time for them anymore. Authorities are taking all effective actions to curb down the propaganda. The next goal now is to gain public trust.

Orya Maqbool’s anti-polio propaganda video taken down:

After the crackdown was announced against anti-polio content on social media, Orya Maqbool Jan’s anti-polio conspiracy video was taken down.

”From where we can put our finger on it, the conspiracy theory originally originated in Nigeria in 2003. A physician and hardline Islamist Dr Ibrahim Datti Ahmed said that polio-vaccine is a plot by the West to reduce the Muslim population and cause infertility.

By mid-2004, the theory had unfortunately plagued India. By 2005, 16 countries that were previously declared polio-free saw cases of polio. By 2012, the crippling disease was now only restricted to three countries – Pakistan being among them.” (Read HERE)

Babar Atta shared it on Twitter, warning others to avoid sharing such content or they will have to face the repercussions.

”Another damaging & propaganda video against #PolioFreePakistan & #PolioVaccination bites the dust. This crackdown will continue until we clean the Social media of all this material” – he said.


Gaining public support:

After a six months old boy was declared crippled for life in Karachi, Babar Atta said gaining public trust is a prevalent challenge.

“Refusals caused by misinformation and propaganda against vaccination have led to another polio case in Pakistan; this time in Karachi, as a six-month-old boy, Abdul Nasir, son of Abdul Qahar, tested positive for the poliovirus” – said Umar Farooq Bullo, coordinator, Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) for Polio in Sindh.

The family sent away the child every time the team visited because they fell to the hoaxes and propaganda. However, others stand by the efforts made by the government.

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