Our Silence is Their Destruction: UNHC Pakistan wakes us to the reality of the continuing plight of the flood affected

In a recent video, tweeted by United Nations Pakistan, Julien Harneis paints a heart breaking picture of the lives of the people in Dadu, Sindh who, even after three months, are resiliently fighting the wrath of flooded waters on a daily basis.

Hundreds of villages in the Dadu district are completely flooded and the destruction is total. Health centres are destroyed, schools are empty and flooded and houses have collapsed. These brave people are fighting to survive every day. Millions of people have lost their lives and livelihood, and three months on the challenges are only increasing, but they are courageously ploughing through the hardships to keep themselves and their loved ones alive.

The video ignited a conversation on twitter with people sharing their concern on the ongoing situation. Some are outraged that no one is talking about it and others call for support.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below. 

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