Outrage: Women involved in Uzma murder case granted bail

Assault and murder of a 15 years old maid caused outrage few months back.

The wounds are still bleeding when we are now taking another blow. Not too long ago the video of a minor maid made rounds on social media. Her face barely recognizable, her weak bones narrating a story beyond interpretation – the scene shook our collective conscience and also called for serious urgent measures regarding rights of domestic workers.

However, even when the rest of the world is taking leaps forward, Pakistan still struggles with the plague of modern slavery.


Pakistan and modern slavery:

While the world chants slogans of equality and freedom, Pakistan is still among the top three countries with the highest percentage of modern slavery. What is modern slavery and why has it formed strong roots in the country?

As per the report by ILO, Pakistan is among the top 10 out of 167 countries facing the curse of modern slavery. In accordance with the definition, the word modern slavery has many manifestations.

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Under this specific category comes labour trafficking, forced labour, sex and child sex trafficking, debt bondage, bonded labour, domestic servitude (in the form of domestic work), forced child labour, child begging, unlawful recruitment and child soldiers and state-imposed forced labour.


Uzma Murder Case:


Uzma, only 15 years of age, was beaten to death by her employers for taking one bite of food. Her brutalised and tortured dead body was found in the drain in Neelam Block, Iqbal Town, Lahore. According to the reports,  Uzma was employed at this place 8 months back and was brutally subjected to physical assault.

The minor only took one bite from the plate, for which she was brutally punished. She was beaten up by a sharp object on the head. When she fell unconscious, rather than taking her to the hospital, the women treated her with electric current to bring her back to life and then threw her body in the drain.

The prime culprits in the case, employers of Uzma, have been now granted bail after paying a small amount to the grieving family. The State didn’t become a party to the case and Uzma’s poor family has forgiven her killers. Social activist Jibran Nasir says that this is not ”Khoon Baha”, this is extortion money.


The news of bail has caused outrage once again. The social media community is shaken in disbelief, expressing unsatisfaction with court procedure in the country.


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  • This is pathetic. This would be no different to having a child market where you can purchase a child and commit as much evil as your brain can think of and the state doesn’t care. I guarantee there’d be outrage by the state if/when, one of their own daughters was treated this way. Money should not buy freedom. By all means, pay the family. Give them everything this murdering family has, then hang the murderers. You want to stop these crimes, make the penalty more than the crime. If the state won’t, then the state is guilty of murder by proxy. By permitting these actions to continue unabated.

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