Over seven children abused every day in Pakistan: Child right association report

The data from January to June in 2019 reveals that 729 girls and 575 boys became victims of sexual exploitation.

  • According to a report by Child Rights Association at least seven children are sexually exploited daily.
  • Total of 1,304 cases of child abuse are reported form the January to June of 2019.
  • In 2018, 3,307 cases of child were reported to the police.


In the current year from January to June, the media has reported 1,304 cases of child abuse. After the evaluation, a report released by the child rights association says that at least seven children are abused daily.

Lahore Press Club Report

According to a report published by the Lahore press club, 729 girls and 575 boys became the victims of sexual assault. Major categories of the cases include 378 cases of abduction, 153 of sodomy, 139 of rape, 46 of gang-rape, and 88 of gang sodomy. Whereas twelve boys and four girls were killed after the sexual assault.

In Lahore, from January to June of this year nine kids were abducted and twelve reported missing. The data further includes five incidents of rape, seven of sodomy, three of gang-rape, and five of gang sodomy.

Statistics of 2018

As reported 3,307 cases of child sexual abuse were reported to the police. Moreover, 39 cases were reported and 56 were registered last year. Although, 430 cases were highlighted in the newspaper with incomplete data.

There are many more cases where children were sexually abused and brutally killed during the last year said Ansar Bhatti, Senior regional coordinator of Sahil.

According to Bhatti 186 children went missing from their houses while there were forty cases of early marriage and one case of vani was reported.

In many cases, the abuser was either related to a victim or victim’s family. Out of 1,304 cases, 614 were such cases where the perpetrator had acquaintance with the child or child’s family. Overall, 142 were such cases where strangers were involved in assaulting children.

Most of the victims were around the age of 11 and 15, the number of such victims was 414. 171 cases of children were between the age of 5 to 10 and 117 cases from 16 to 18 years.

Mr. Bhatti said that Sahil is proposing many suggestions which include protection campaigns for children. There should be legislation where a comprehensive rehabilitation system for victims should be implemented. He further said the course of self-protection should be a part of the school curriculum. Last but not least the government should work on a provincial action plan to take severe actions against child abusers and exploiters.

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