Overcoming All Hurdles, Yousaf Saleem Is Set To Become Pakistan’s First Blind Judge

Yousuf Saleem, a gold medalist, topper in exams for Civil Judge and brother of country’s first blind CSS officer Saima Saleem, is finally close to getting his dream fulfilled as Pakistan is all set to appoint its first blind judge. Previously, despite achieving the highest in the exam, Yousaf was rejected the position due to his visual impairment.

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Though disheartened that all his achievements were nullified due to his disability, Yousuf was still hopeful that Chief Justice Saqib Nisar will take notice of the discrimination he had to face in the selection process.

Source: DAWN

Luckily, we all have lived to see it happening! CJP took notice of his case after media brought his attention to it and he directed chief justice of Lahore High Court (LHC) to review and reconsider it as physical disability is not a determining criterion if he meets all the other requirements.
LHC revisited Yousaf’s case and recommended him for the position of civil judge.

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He received his recommendation letter which read:
“Honourable Examination Committee for Recruitment of District Judiciary and Lahore High Court Establishment has recommended you for appointment as Civil Judge-cum-Magistrate.”
Yousaf is a glimmering example of believing in yourself and rest of the world will gradually follow. Calling it as the first step in achieving his dreams, he said that he wants to serve the nation as Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Source: ARY

Yousaf said that in Pakistan, building a strong foundation for differently-abled children is critical and challenging. He said that the credit for his achievements goes to his parents and educational institutions that have had a positively encouraging role in his struggle.
He also added that differently-abled community should not let it define themselves, should put faith in their abilities and work hard for their goals.
“If you don’t believe in your dreams, no one will” – Yousaf said.

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