Overseas Pakistanis can now remotely open bank accounts, invest in Pakistan. HERE's HOW

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan extended an invite to overseas nationals to invest in numerous mega projects in the country by opening accounts in Pakistani commercial banks. Through the funds generated, the premier plans to initiate the nation-building process.

Following this mission, the government has recently formulated the Roshan Digital Account (RDA), which allows expatriates to remotely open bank accounts in their country without having to visit the bank branch, embassy, or consulate.

How will it facilitate the overseas Pakistanis?

The platform provides overseas Pakistanis access to all conventional account services, including fund transfers, online bill payments, e-commerce, and other Pakistani payments. The RDA also allows users to invest in fixed deposit products offered by banks and put money into Pakistan’s stock market. Virtual debit cards will back all user profiles on the platform for both domestic and overseas use.

While addressing the launch ceremony of RDA, PM Imran Khan said:

We need to boost our economic activity to create jobs and retire loans. The initiative can provide overseas Pakistanis an opportunity to make “safe investments” in real estate, construction industry, and numerous other mega projects, including the Ravi City and Mohmand Dam.

It should be noted that currently, nine million Pakistanis live and work abroad and send about $23 billion in remittances every year to support their families.

Overseas nationals can funnel their funds through the Roshan Digital Account and shore up the country’s dwindling foreign exchange reserves. The government expects to boost the country’s fragile economy through this initiative.

As per the Prime Minister, overseas Pakistanis are a ‘resource pool that has never been fully exploited to strengthen the country’.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office regarding RDA stated:

The customer can choose either a foreign currency or rupee-denominated account, or both. Funds in these accounts will be fully repatriable without the need for any regulatory approval.

How to open a Roshan Digital Account?

  1. Click on \’Apply for Roshan Digital Account\’ and follow the simple steps to open a USD or PKR current account.
  2. On the platform, complete the form and submit the required documents.
  3. A representative will get in touch with you within 48 hours.
  4. To manage your account and investments, you will receive an email with a link to access your bank\’s digital app.
  5. Use the link to create a username and password to access and manage your account digitally.
  6. You can view your account details including balance by logging in to your bank\’s digital app.
  7. You can also invest into stocks & bonds for attractive returns.

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  • American government have some requirements for America citizens accounts that Pakistani banks have to follow. Which Pakistani banks don’t like. What about those?

  • What about people of Pak ethnicity born and raised abroad who will have no Pakistan related documents?

  • Good.but what about our kids educational fees.why fees is double for overseas students?
    Are our PM will help us regarding fees in our kids?in universities of Pakistan?

  • Good for Overseas Pakistani, Need to allow Chaque deposite either issue from Pakistan or other country.

  • Hi sir umeed hai ap khariyat se hun ge,pochna to ye hai k ap ki iss English post ko bahir bethe kitne present Pakistani perh kar faida hasil kar sakte hain.khas ker gluf main 5 persent se ziada nhi hun ge,brae maherbani urdu main bata karein ager koi malumati baat ho,Sukhria

    • پیارے بھائی کاش یہ اخبار، پریس والے اللهِ تبارک تعالیٰ کا خوف کھا کر کام کریں تو کروڑوں عوام کا بھلا ہو جائے اور پاکستان کی آنے والی نسلوں کی خدمت ہو جائے ایک سے بڑھ کر ایک ایجنسی کا آدمی، آدم خور جرنیلوں نے سوائے اس ملک پر مسلط کرنے کی کچھ نہیں کیا ڈالر جوا کھیل کر عوام کو مار دیا عمران خان نے میرے ساتھ فراڑ کیا میں نے پورٹل پر عمران خان کو کھربوں روپے ماہانہ کی کرپشن کے شبوت دیے ایک سال سے زیادہ ہو گیا کچھ نہیں کیا ،

  • I suggest all my most respected Pakistani brothers never invest here on the faith and trust on Governments they are not Loyal to common man, I send Imran Khan On PM portal proves of billions monthly corruption more than One eight months elapsed he did nothing instead the life of Citizens miserable and miserable day by day ask the Government first tKe action on my complaints I am fighting against corruption since 1975

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      for your first and last word is only one “they are corrupt, its against human right, i,ll file case against this, and I’m innocent” towards who are fighting against corruption.
      your type of people are only helplessly telling them selfs , “Allah kill me now, im only doing more and more evil and I cant be getting satisfied, I’m keep on doing wrong and I’m not stopable, I even dont know what I want because I cant get the inner peace of mind.

      • Our Only Leader is Prophet of Allah Almighty Hazrat Muhammad S. A. W no one Else, our faith to respect every common man that’s all

  • This will provide an opportunity to Overseas Pakistanis to invest in this Secured Plan introduced by an Educated, Honest and Dedicated Prime Minister.

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