Price and Everything: Owner of ‘Parizaad’s house’ reveals it all [VIDEO]

Here's what the owner of the house shown in Parizaad has to say

Parizaad house

Pakistani drama serial Parizaad has made millions of fans not just in Pakistan but across the border as well. Besides the plot of Parizaad, what has gotten the attention of the viewers is the house and the hugely expensive cars shown in the drama.

A local media outlet reached out to the owner of ‘Parizaad house’ and he revealed everything about it.

Everything you want to know about the house:

The house is owned by Usman Zafar Cheema and it is located in Gulberg Green, Islamabad. Regarding his house, Mr. Cheema revealed that he is selling it as he is moving to his new house. He also revealed the price, which is no doubt absolutely shocking for some people.

Parizaad's house price

According to Usman Zafar Cheema, his house has a market value of 60 crores with a total area of 10 kanals. It has 14 lavish rooms, multiple lounges, and corridors. Furthermore, he added that people come to visit his house on weekends following the success of the drama.

The Parizaad team used the house for 13 days. Not just the house but the cars used in the drama also belongs to Usman Zafar.

He said that he wasn’t fine with the way a gangster was shown as the owner of his house. But, he was relieved to hear that the house will later be owned by Parizaad, who is a good character.

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