Pak Army put on high alert: Is India planning attack on LoC to distract from internal problems?

"India may at any time repeat a Pulwama-like drama to divert attention from its internal problems"

  • India is once again planning to start a false flag operation against Pakistan.
  • Owing to the possibility of a surgical strike, the Pakistan Army has been put on high alert.

Pakistan armed forces put on high alert amid threat of Indian attack.

After facing a humiliating defeat in Ladakh and Dokalam, India has been preparing to launch another attack on Pakistan.

Sources have revealed that India has been planning an attack on the Line of Control (LoC) and the India-Pakistan Working Boundary, posing a threat to regional peace and stability.

Following this, the Pakistan army has issued a high-alert to its troops deployed at the eastern border.

An unnamed official said, “The BJP government has been trying to divert attention from its ongoing internal problems, including the violation of minorities, farmers’ protests, growing atrocities in occupied Kashmir, and the resultant criticism from international media and institutions.”

He added, “India may at any time repeat a Pulwama-like drama to divert attention from its internal problems.”

In 2016, India had laid claim to conducting a surgical strike (without evidence) on the LoC. Similarly, on the 26th of February 2019, the South Asian country had tried launching a similar operation against Pakistan but failed as two of its planes were shot down by the Pakistan Air Force.

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  • Chutyapa…
    Samaj nh a rha kiun pathteti hai itni Khan ki India se? Bat such thi k in ki tangen kanp rhi thin.

  • PDM from inside, India from outside… Both are on the same page with same narrative to destroy Pakistan. Pakistan is here to stay and progress InshaALLAH

  • Subhanallah pak army knows they have to be on high alert till qayamut that is normal for 70 years. But if pakistani muslims tauba kurrein apnae amaal theek kurrein toe allah kee mudad aae gee orr aik hee solution take over indian kashmir. End of high alert

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