Pak Suzuki might regret discontinuing Ciaz in 2021. Here’s why

Experts speculate that the low revenue generation might be the reason why eventually Pak Suzuki decided to discontinue the Ciaz's manufacture and sale.

Suzuki discontinued Ciaz in October 2020.

In 2020, Pak Suzuki’s sales dropped by 40% as compared to 2019. The automaker’s main models, the Cultus, the Swift, and the Alto, witnessed a major decline in sales. All in all, 2020 was not a great year for Pak Suzuki.

Experts suggest that  the decline of Pak Suzuki started when the automakers decided to discontinue the production and selling of the Ciaz.

Why did Pak Suzuki discontinue Ciaz in October 2020.

Details of the discontinuation of Suzuki Ciaz

On the 26th of October 2020, Pak Suzuki confirmed that they decided to end the sedan’s journey in Pakistan. The news wasn’t much of a surprise because the Ciaz had never been a top seller for Pak Suzuki. These low sales were the reason Pak Suzuki never promoted the vehicle.

Experts speculate that the low revenue generation might be the reason why eventually Pak Suzuki decided to discontinue the Ciaz’s manufacture and sale. Some also believe that since the Ciaz was a Complete Build Unit (CBU) with no local manufacturing plants, the company never had big plans for it. Therefore, when the time came, the automakers ended its journey in the blink of an eye.

Ciaz VS other sedans in the segment

The Pak Suzuki’s Ciaz was launched in Pakistan in 2017. Reports state that the vehicle was among the best cars in its category in terms of price and salient features.

Here are some of the salient features of Suzuki Ciaz:

  • Top of the line 1400cc advance engine, producing 91 bhp at 6000 RPM and 130 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM
  • State-of-the-art fuel-efficient K- Series engine
  • Keyless entry
  • ABS brakes with EBD
  • SRS airbags

The above-mentioned safety features of the Ciaz were not present in its competitors, which included the Toyota Corolla and the Honda City.

Reason behind the end of Suzuki Ciaz.

Talking about the price, at the time of its death, the price of the Ciaz’s manual variant was Rs. 2,300,000, while the automatic variant cost Rs. 2,500,000. Both the Corolla and the City were costlier than the Ciaz.

According to reports, the Ciaz was much better at handling road grip and comfort than its competitors. Some might have argued that the Ciaz was a CBU unit, which made the availability of its parts a major issue. However, it should be noted that Suzuki had a substantial presence in the local market, so car parts and service availability was not a problem.

Suzuki might regret discontinuing Ciaz.

Why was ending Ciaz a Blunder on Pak Suzuki’s part?

Suzuki ended the Ciaz in October 2020 when crossover SUVs were ruling the local market. Key players of this segment included the KIA Sportage and the Hyundai Tucson. Along with this, many new entrants like the the Proton X70, the Glory 580 Pro, and the MG HS were making their way into the Pakistani SUV market. Many started to believe that the love for sedans would fizzle out as SUVs continued to dominate the local market.

However, the reality proved otherwise when the Toyota Yaris, the new sedan, entered Pakistan and showcased record-high sales in a few months. Now several new sedans are set to arrive in Pakistan soon, which include the Proton Saga, the Hyundai Elantra, the Changan Alsvin, and the Baic D20. 

This changing trend shows that the local market is wholeheartedly welcoming sedans in 2021. One explanation might be that these new sedans are offering multiple features and options which Pakistanis can’t resist.

Regardless, it’s safe to say that the Pakistani sedan market is set to thrive again.

After discontinuing Ciaz, Pak Suzuki does not have a sedan to offer in 2021.

Pak Suzuki at a Loss

While other automakers might be celebrating the customer’s incline towards sedan, Pak Suzuki must be saddened as the automakers have nothing to offer in this segment now. The Ciaz could have kept the company alive by becoming a great selling point, but now that Pak Suzuki killed the vehicle, it’s hard to say what will save the declining sales of Suzuki (seen in 2020) this year. 

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  • Yes its true that Ciaz shld have been in 2021. But I know that Suzuki team sometimes makes big mistakes in setting up price. I mean their sedan car is never accepted well at once as compared to City, Corolla or Yaris. Though Ciaz has been a better option in all terms. So they must start with little low price and slowly bring to this level and yes, opt for a trilling market when they launch it. Even now, I suggest Suzuki to announce a relaunch by adding minor features.

  • Ciaz was discontinued because the plant got closed from where it was assembled in Thailand due to covid. At least get some reality based authentic knowledge before writing an article?

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