Pakistan added to Amazon’s approved sellers’ list

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The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs, Shahbaz Gill, has announced the news that the US e-commerce giant Amazon, has included Pakistan to its approved seller list.

Crediting the federal government for the development, The SAPM tweeted, “What could not be achieved during the last ten years in the history of Pakistan has finally been done by the PTI government.”

Gill said the country has now joined the global market, resulting in billions of investment and employment opportunities.

Sources have revealed that after Pakistan’s addition to Amazon approved selling countries, accounts can be made using Pakistani details.

This milestone will drastically improve the game and result in a new era of economic growth as more sellers will visit the platform than ever before.

A webinar was also organized by the Consulate General of Pakistan, Los Angeles, and the Ministry of Commerce of Pakistan with senior executives of some Pakistani companies.

Posted by Pakistan Consulate General Los Angeles on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A former senior executive of Amazon, Omar Gajial, shared with the participants what sort of opportunities will be available to Pakistani businesses to sell their products on Amazon. He also explained how people could benefit from this opportunity once Amazon opens its Seller Registration for Pakistan.

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