Markhor at risk: Pakistan permits $80,000 trophy licenses allowing hunting of the national animal

Last year, the permit to hunt markhor was auctioned off at $110,000.


The government of Gilgit-Baltistan has finally given the green light to the hunters all around the world to hunt some rarely found animals. The government auctioned off grants to hunt various animals (around 124), which includes markhor, the national animal of the country.

As winter is the ideal season for hunting, hunting enthusiasts from the country as well as from the entire world come every year from December to February to enjoy what they please.

As mentioned earlier as well, markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. The estimated cost of the permit to hunt a markhor is $83,500. Nonetheless, it has been reduced this year since it was around $110,000 last year.

The permit to hunt a bharal (also known as blue sheep) is $8,900.

A conservator at the wildlife department Gilgit-Baltistan, Mehmood Ghaznavi, told us that bidding of 2019 was way better than that of 2018 because the rates are reasonable this year. He also added that the results of this year’s auction were promising, and a lot of people participated in the event this time.

Although locals are not happy with the price list this time. Last year, the permit to hunt markhor was auctioned off at $110,000, and locals believe that it has been sold at a lower price now. The money that comes from hunting permits is divided between the federal government and locals, but 80% of the total amount goes to the locals of that particular area.

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  • It disgusting. Killing animal for sport? Prime minister should ban this kind of cruelty. Why giving licence to kill the beuity of the country. Please stop this .⁹

    • Animals are marked, which are usually old to give birth or fertile. It also introduces competition among the locals to not kill the animal for food or fun, since the whole village earn from it. Previously locals were just killing the animal for food. You should do some search to see the benefits.

  • What the Fuck is the PML-N Government in Gilgit Baltistan Doing. Now they are showing their true colors. That they are assholes who don’t care for Pakistan only for money. Fucking Retards.

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