Pakistan Among Bottom 15 On Prosperity Index

Pakistan has been ranked the 13th least prosperous country among the 149 ranked on Legatum Prosperity Index 2018. With a rank of 136 overall, Pakistan ranks on 23rd out of the 24 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. However, what is more daunting it that the country couldn’t improve its ranking since the year 2017.

The ranking parameter, Legatum Prosperity Index, ranks countries on yearly basis. The countries were ranked and analysed on these nine indicators: natural environment, education, social capital, governance, security, the country’s business environment and economic quality.

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The recent ranking showed that Pakistan performed best on governance indicator. Due to political participation regionally and internationally, it was Pakistan’s strongest pillar. It has shown positive improvement as country’s governance has climbed up 7 places since the year 2017.

The worst performing indicator was the natural environment, which is a point of concern. It ranked 148th on natural environment indicator owing to the threats Pakistan is facing in this particular sphere and lack of efforts made to improve the situation in the past year. The score for the natural environment has declined by 8 points.

For economic equality, the country stands at 56th position. The improvements needed here are in the sphere of labour force engagement, economic inclusiveness and standard of living. Pakistan has shown a marginal improvement in health and education compared to 2017. But the country still ranks on 124 and 122 on this index.

For security and safety, the ranking has declined since 2017 but the index saw improvement in personal freedom and social capital.

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