Pakistan Among The Countries With Highest Number of Youth Population

The new stats paint another perspective of the population picture as Pakistan is declared one of the youngest country in the world by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Pakistan. In a report with the title ‘Unleashing the Potential of a Young Pakistan’, it is revealed that 64% of the total population is below the age of 30 and about 29% lies between the age bracket of 15 to 29 years.
Pakistan is the second youngest country in South Asia, coming only after Afghanistan.

Source: The Express Tribune

The matter though needs immediate addressal as if not inscribed properly, they might become a challenge to tackle in future. Meaning engagement and constructive activities, employment opportunities and education facilities are needed to properly channelize the large numbers.
The report further said that if utilized properly, they can serve as a catalyst for the growing economy. It is critical now to consider the challenges that are being faced by the youth in prevailing times.

Source: Economics Help

Capacity building is an urgent need for lack of opportunities for the younger lot are giving birth to grieve implications like mental health issues and a significant rise in suicide rate.

‘’Says it will take 60 years to get all children into schools with current enrolment growth rate’’ – Source: DAWN

Dr Adil Najam and Dr Faisal Bari, pioneers of the reports, say that we need to invest more in our youth. Najam said that only 14 out of 195 countries spend lesser on education. He stressed on investing more in the education as according to the current net enrolment growth rate of 0.92 pc, it will take another 60 years to achieve ‘zero out of school children’.

Number of unemployed youth to rise to 8.6 million by 2020
Source: Pakistan Today

Japanese Ambassador Takashi Hurai says that if proper measures are not taken to tame them and keep them constructively engaged, they can be a disaster for the country.

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