Pakistan among the 10 most ‘angriest’ countries in the world – Gallup suggests

Gallup survey measured dissatisfaction, unhappiness and anger.

Pakistanis around the world are becoming more angrier and stressed due to certain factors influencing their mental health and behaviour patterns.

As per a recent survey conducted by Gallup, Pakistan has been ranked the tenth angriest country in the world. The survey results, formalised by Gallup Global Emotions Report, were concluded after 150,000 people from more than 140 countries around the world.

The outcome suggested that levels of stress, worries and sadness are increasing amongst the people. The situation can be reflected by the result, which showed that 39 per cent claimed to have been tangled in worries and 35 per cent under immense stress prior to the survey.

Armenia topped the list of the angriest countries. Iran and Iraq were second and third consecutively after which Palestine, Morocco, Turkey, Niger, Chad and Libya were also ranked among the top 10 respectively. Despite the war-torn countries being in the top ten, Pakistanis also made it to the list with high dissatisfaction levels and stress.

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The annual, semiannual and biennial Gallup World Poll conducts surveys on significant and prevailing issues around the globe to give a clear picture of the situation.

“The answer to whether money truly buys happiness is still far from being understood, but this report gives global thinkers an idea of who is living the best and worst lives in the world” – said Jon Clifton, Gallup’s global managing partner in a preface to the report.

Commenting on another survey, Jon said that the results which suggested that Americans are the most negative people in the world, Clifton said the surveys are significant in understanding how money is not a necessary determinant of happiness and satisfaction. The previous surveys have also seen a significant rise in stress levels among the 15 to 29 years age group particularly.

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