Pakistan among three countries to start production, export of potential COVID-19 treatment drug ‘remdesivir’

Anti-viral drug remdesivir sparked hope after one patient completely recovered after taking it.

Pakistan is among three countries which have been given an emergency license by the United States to produce the anti-viral drug remdesivir. There is a lot still unknown about the virus but after three successful clinical trials -completely curing one case and cutting down the hospital stays by 31% for the patients- remdesivir shows a lot of promise.

Pakistan’s Ferozsons Laboratories Ltd will start the production and export of the drug ”within weeks”.

Speaking alongside Health Minister Zafar Mirza at a media briefing, the Chief Executive of Ferozsons Laboratories , Osman Khalid Waheed said that Pakistan will be exporting the drug to 127 countries.

”We will not only produce it but will also export it to the whole world”, Dr. Mirza said.

Remdesivir, a drug developed by Gilead Sciences, gave hope after it showed significant results in improving the patients of COVID-19. The novel respiratory disease has claimed more than 300,000 lives so far.

Gilead said that it has signed ‘non-exclusive licensing pacts‘ with five drugmakers based in India and Pakistan.

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  • We always understimate our local talent and fall for anything done by GORAS. This is indeed an excellent news that Pakistan is in the lead as well.

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