Pakistan and mental health | 1338 people lost their lives to suicide and depression in 2018

Mental health has been a concerning issue pertaining to Pakistani youth, particularly in recent months. Death after death, one bright mind after the other – it has been a heartbreaking chain of events. While it is most neglected in Pakistan, the issue is global. Every 40 seconds, someone kills themselves in some corner of the world. Every year, a million people commit suicide.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) report for the year 2013, about 804, 000 people lost their lives to suicide around the world in 2012. It painted rather a concerning picture, as it demonstrated an annual average global age-standardized suicide rate of 11.4 per 100,000 population showing a gender ratio of male 15.0 and women 8.0.

In Pakistan, the issue is least talked about while depression is engulfing our youth. Rising unemployment, desperation, hopelessness, seeing years of terrorism and bloodshed – the young generation is particularly plagued by the curse.

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The recent report by the Human Rights Commission points towards the same direction.  The leading causes of mental health issues, as it says n Pakistan, are political instability, lack of peace and lack of basic necessities of life. 1338 people found their refuge in ending their lives in the year 2018 alone. Among them, 786 were men while 552 were women.

The age group most prone to suicide is 15 years to 29 years and the common methods include consumption of pesticides, firearms and hanging. Pakistan has no facility available for mental health counselling and hence most of the students are suffering. There is a stigma attached to the subject, hence people are typically reluctant to consult the experts. Hence it is imperative for educational institutions to take the lead in this regard, raise awareness and facilitate the students in it.


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