In a historical moment, Pakistan Army appoints first-ever Hindu Major

Dr. Kelash also contributed to Operation Rahe-Nijat in Swat.


Pakistan welcomes the first-ever Hindu Major! Having quite a negligent history when it comes to minority rights, the new government has made remarkable efforts to make white in the flag more visible. Due to the efforts of the government to open minorities’ religious monuments throughout the country, religious tourism is on the rise as well and it feels like Pakistan will soon restore its lost diversity.

The white in Pakistan’s flag represents minorities, hence this shows how much the country values minorities and their rights. Hindus, Sikhs, and Parsis, etc. are working alongside Muslims in all sectors in Pakistan.

Another example of such kind is of the first-ever Hindu Major in the Ministry of Defence, Dr. Kelash Garvada. With his army uniform, wears the green flag on his chest with great pride. Dr. Kelash is setting the standards high and is an example for the rest of the minorities to follow.

He is more than an Army Major, Dr. Kelash has won numerous awards for his efforts and contributions. He did his MBBS from LUHMS Jamshoro, Hyderabad and later commissioned in Pakistan Army. He was awarded Tamaga-e-Dafa, for staying 36 days at K2. Some of his other awards are Tamgha-e-Baqa, Tamgha-e-Azam, and Tamgha-e-Difa.

Dr. Kelash also participated in Operation Rahe-Nijat:

He has resided at K2, world’s highest Army post for 36 days, served during Operation-Almeezan in Waziristan. He has also contributed to Operation Rahe-Nijat in Swat. Belonging to Tharparkar in Sindh, Dr. Kelash joined the Pakistan Army as a captain after he completed his MBBS from LUHMS in Hyderabad.

Going against the propaganda of the west and eastern neighbors, Dr. Kelash sets a prime example of equality in Pakistan. He has represented his beloved country in Egypt, Uganda, Dubai, Spain, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium.

He has been recently promoted to the rank of Major and is currently posted in Quetta in the 86 Medical Battalion of Pakistan Army.

Dr. Kelash is an example for everyone to follow. His efforts and hard work is truly remarkable.

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