Pakistan Army Positioned Themselves INFRONT Of Attackers To Keep Us Safe During Gunfire – Says Rescued Canadian Citizen

Pakistan Army’s commitment to eradicating terrorism and extremist forces is an example of bravery and determination. And now this is being acknowledged and accepted globally.
Canadia citizen Joshua Boyle was kidnapped along with his American wife Caitlan Coleman while backpacking in Afghanistan back in 2012. Pakistan Army, this Thursday, rescued the couple along with their three children who are believed to be held hostage by Taliban-allied Haqqani network.
Boyle showed immense gratitude and appreciation for Pakistan Army. He said that he has seen operations of similar nature but this is the ‘’most professional’’ one he has ever seen.
He spoke to a Canadian TV after reaching his home country saying that Pakistan Army personnel positioned themselves between the captors and his family so they don’t get hurt in the gunfire.

He further recalled that when the street was chaotic, an Army major came up to him and said that today he can see the truth himself. American media tries to show that we accommodate and facilitate these terrorists but the that isn’t the truth.
Boyle said that he indeed saw the truth.
’..the truth was that car was riddled with bullets. ISI and the army got between the criminals and the car to make sure the prisoners were safe and my family was safe’’.
He said that this is enough proof to him that Pakistan is doing it’s utmost to fight and defeat terrorism.

US President Trump, who previously blamed Pakistan for housing terrorists was convinced by this rescue operation and said that it is appreciable and commendable.

Boyle said that Pakistan army also provided all the help needed in all the contexts to ensure their well-being and security. Boyle’s parents also extended their gratitude to Pakistan army in a video message and said that they were able to speak to their son briefly after the rescue operation and that was the first time they heard his voice in five years.

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