How much truth in the label of ‘Punjabi’ Army? What the facts and figures tell us

The Army recruits officers based on a quota system for every province.

Punjab has the largest representation in the armed forces, bureaucracy, and judiciary as it is Pakistan’s most populated province.

According to the 2017 census of Pakistan, out of 208 million Pakistanis, 110 million live in Punjab (56%), and the induction in government services is based on administrative quotas.

The Army recruits officers based on a quota system for every province – Punjab being more than 50 percent of the population, is a dominant ethnic group in the Pakistan Army.

Renowned Scholar and Author, Steven Philip Cohen, wrote in his book that when Pakistan was established, the Pakistan Army needed about 4,000 officers for its 1.5 million-strong army and  only 2,500 were available. Besides the temporary commissioned and short service officers, the shortage was filled by about 500 British officers.

Steven P. Cohen added that since the independence of Pakistan, it had been calculated that in the areas that joined Pakistan, 77% of recruitments from the time of the war were from Punjab, 19.7% from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 2.2% from Sindh, and only 0.06% from Baluchistan.

The ratio is more or less the same today. About 75% of the troops are from the four districts of Punjab – Rawalpindi, Attock, Jhelum, and Chakwal.

On the regional affiliation of officers joining the Pakistan Army, Cohen wrote, “Every year, about 320 officers between the ages of 17 and 22 have been sought after in Pakistan who are selected for the Pakistan Military Academy Kakul.

Is the top leadership of the army Punjabi? 

Since the independence of Pakistan, the army has been commanded by 16 Army Chiefs, of which the first two were British. Out of 14 native commanders, four were Pashtun, one was Baloch, three were immigrants, and six were Punjabi.

At present, the proportion of provinces in the Pakistan Army is more or less commensurate with their population. According to the 2017 census, Punjab is 52.95% of the total population and now has the same share in the army. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is 14.59% of the total population, and its proportion in the military is the same.

Similarly, the proportion of Baluchistan, which is 5.94% of the total population, is also being continuously increased in the army.

Power politics has its own dynamics in which many elements are involved. The proportion of all provinces in the Pakistan Army are in line with their population.

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  • ‘“Out of 14 native commanders, four were Pashtun, one was Baloch, three were immigrants, and six were Punjabi”. What do you mean by immigrants?

  • There is deliberate and persistent mission by foreign and local loot mafia to defame, divide and create a wedge between the army , within the army and its people , to weaken the disciplined army and weaken the nation. Its PML-N,PPP,ANP,BNP,JUI-F,Achakzai, PTM agenda to play the tune of NDS/RAW with sole aim of weakening the army. Army has all officers ,ranks and files from all the provinces.

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  • Ask your Pak Army that Why can’t be a JCO,s son be a COAS???

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    • Brother
      Ashfaq Kiayani who was Chief of Army in Zardari’s Presidentship in People’s party Govt was soon of an hawaldar.
      Jaan kar geo bhai…

  • Look guys…….amongst soldiers,provinces now have representation according to their population. Amongst officers, it’s purely merit but some cincessions for candidates from remote areas in terms of marks obtained in FSc/BSc/MSc but must pass personality test regardless.

  • Officer lot is a mix of all provinces and backgrounds and depict true brotherhood as Pakistanis. You won’t see that anywhere else.

  • There is no racism in Pakistan Army
    We are one nation
    Pakistan is our proud and we are proud to be a Pakistani

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