Pakistan Army to Generate Own Electricity To Cut Expenditures

According to a news report published in Business Recorder, Pakistan army has decided to generate electricity for all it’s establishments across the country. This was told by the Defence Division in a briefing to the federal cabinet.

The decision was taken keeping in view the increasing prices of electricity with the passage of time. As per the news report, the army’s current electricity expenditures stand at 15 billion rupees per year. once the army starts generating it’s own electricity, it will help in cutting down the expenditures.

The army consume as much as 240MW of electricity. After detailed studies and discussions, it was decided that Renewable Energy (RE) and solar power will be the best options fot the project. The army plans to establish solar power parks of 1-5MW in each garrison with pilot project having the capacity to generate 40MW energy. Moreover, the overall establishment, operation and maintenance will not involve the use of public money for 25 years.

According to Defence Ministry, power generation from the solar parks will be 20-30% cheaper than from Distribution Companies (Discos). Furthermore, the cabinet was told that Public Private Partnership Authority (PPPA) and Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has raised no objection over the proposed project. Nepra representatives attending the meeting also had no objection.


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  • Army should also work on water purification and grey water system for remote areas. for example, Wadu water can be purified for field/trees/pants.

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