Pakistan Army’s Christian Major Saiqa Gulzar wins gold medal in training in USA among 52 soldiers

Pakistan Army’s Christian Major Saiqa Gulzar has won a gold medal during her training in the United States of America

Making Pakistan proud, Pakistan Army’s Christian Major Saiqa Gulzar has bagged a gold medal during training in the United States of America. Hailing from Vehari, a village about 100 km away from Multan, Saiqa has made her mark in the profession. It is refreshing and commendable in all definitions to see a woman, that too from a minority religion, overcoming all the hurdles to excel in her career.

Even a bigger feat, in this male-dominated profession, Saiqa made her mark by clinching a medal during training in the USA among 52 other participants from other countries.

Hailing from a humble background, Saiqa is the daughter of a local teacher Gulzar Masih Sidhu. While the profession is physically and mentally challenging, often deemed ‘unsafe and unfit’ for women, Saiqa’s success is multi-dimensional and her story is an inspiration for us in a number of contexts.

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”Significant steps have been recently taken by provincial governments to increase women participation in LEAs. Ladies watch officers using four styles in identifying with male officers: impartial indifferent, semi-masculine, female, and blended. The job styles were useful in seeing how ladies adapt to clashes produced by the requests of sexual orientation and word related job.
Examples of underscoring parts of every job, of doling out needs, and of adapting methods developed around the distinctive styles. The ladies did not express connection to any one style in relations with the individuals who were not male collaborators.”

Pakistanis also extended their heartiest congratulations and well wishes for Major Saiqa on her achievement:

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