Pakistan to auction extra unused telecom spectrum, expects to raise $1 bln

The country plans to kickstart the process by laying out plans to retain an international consulting firm.

Pakistan is expected to begin the process of selling its unused telecom spectrum via an auction which is expected to raise an amount of around $1 billion and enhance network capacity. This was stated by three senior government officials familiar with the matter.

The 1800 and 2100 MHz bands, of which the spectrum is a part of, is normally used for 4G LTE networks by operators as it offers faster streaming of videos, downloading of content, etc, officials further added.

The country plans to kickstart the process by laying out plans to retain an international consulting firm. The firm would design the auction process and advice on base pricing and other details. However, no sale date has yet been set.

Pakistan is planning to revamp state coffers that have been victim to the economic slump and tax collections impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesman for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said the process to hire a consultant for " Spectrum Auction 2020-21" has been initiated, which means the project is up and running with its first stage of building a team.

Pakistan has about 85 million 3G/4G subscribers and this auction will complement any 5G launches in the future.

The country has some 85 million 3G/4G subscribers, and the upcoming auction is seen as a precursor to any 5G launch.

The dominant names in Pakistan Telecom are mainly Jazz which is handled by Netherlands-based Veon Ltd, Telenor Pakistan which is Norway’s state-controlled Telenor’s project, China Mobile’s Zong, and state-owned Ufone.

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  • They are selling ufone actually!! May b telenor is purchasing it! Why not they are offering it to privatise it locally.! That is the last competetor. Then three companies wud b left. Mobilink telenor zong. Mobilink already had bought warid. In future IF they two (mobilink&telenor, as they both are European companies under the management of xxx) monopolies market against zong. Then may b this act cud effect back to china or not!? What it wud b effect on cpec!? Did they had thinked on it!? Or after some years we will think… ohhh… ae kam nai karna c!! Just rethink over it and then make it final!

    • They need to privatise it completely. In rural areas there are no fast Internets currently available. Even jazz and zong are not working there. They need to give it to someone who can offer high speed Internet service via sim and optic fibre cables to rural areas

    • Zong is the main player in buying Ufone… telenor is already facing severe challenges for its survival

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