Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Makes History

PBS’s social media is the perfect example of infotainment, the new kind of content on the social media block!

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?”

― Erik Qualman

In today’s digital age, this couldn’t be more true. In times when our digital gadgets and devices are as important a part of our being as water and air, social media is the main source of information, if not the only one, for many. If used properly, relatable, engaging, and entertaining content on social media can move audiences, generate discussion and, most importantly, motivate and inspire action! And that is exactly what we have seen on PBS’s social media in the past couple of months.

PBS’s social media is the perfect example of infotainment, the new kind of content on the social media block!

It features a combination of information-based content touching on what a census is, the need for a credible and inclusive census, and gradually transitioning into why we must participate in Pakistan’s upcoming digital census. It’s no secret that audiences already had their conservations with the previous census.

They were very vocal about it, and rightly so. But as mentioned earlier, content can move people. PBS’s approach in gaining trust through evidence-based, informative content, alongside engaging and entertaining tactics like song competitions, games, emotive reels and videos and patriotic slogans, we have the perfect recipe for an appetising social media campaign!

Having followed their social media closely, we have seen a shift in trust and sentiments from negative to positive over a span of 6 months. We are here for it, and so is the internet! Audiences, previously vocal about their conservations and doubts, are now showing trust in the credibility of the census and its process.

This could also be attributed to the senior management’s active involvement in activities related to the Digital Census and their regular visibility on PBS’s social media pages. From regular announcement videos to motivational addresses to the public and youth, online audiences have responded positively to PBS’s content featuring PBS’s team and senior management.

Anticipation and interest in showing a spike as the census nears, with many online audiences expressing FOMO for not being able to submit their census form even before the launch of the Self-Enumeration Portal!

All in all, the Pakistan Census is back and its back with a bang! Kudos to PBS and its social media team for speaking the language of the youth and engaging them in what would otherwise not be considered relevant or ‘cool’ enough for majority of Pakistan’s youth and online audiences.

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