‘Pakistan Can Produce 10 Times More Honey If Modern Technology Adopted’

The honey produced in Pakistan is listed among the finest in the world.

Honey production besides the dusty road up to Babusar Pass. (Alamy)

Pakistan can increase its honey production by ten times if advanced technologies and practices are adopted.

This was revealed in a report published by the China-Pakistan Agricultural & Industrial Information Cooperation Platform (CAPIC).

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According to CAPIC, the honey produced in Pakistan is listed as among the best types of honey globally.

Studies have proven that the quality of raw honey produced in Pakistan meets all requirements of international standards.

However, the potential of this lucrative industry has not been fully realized as it is restricted by low yield and low prices.

For example, in 2019, each Pakistani beekeeper brought 11.7 kg of honey on average, while the world average is 20.6 kg.

Moreover, due to the lack of modern technologies, the plants fall victim to pesticides, and honey production is limited and slow.

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Furthermore, the lack of certification contributes to the lack of branding of honey produced by Pakistani beekeepers.

It is pertinent to note that about 96% of Pakistani beekeepers do not have proper branding and packaging when selling honey, leading to non-compliance with relevant standards.

Nevertheless, according to CAPIC, if these problems are removed and new modern technology and practices, specifically those from China, are adopted, Pakistan’s honey production can increase ten times.

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The CAPIC report discloses that apiculture (beekeeping) has been one of the methods chosen by the local Chinese authorities as a method of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

The report states that China is willing to share experiences and techniques with Pakistan on techniques to increase honey production.

It is pertinent to note that honey exports from Pakistan only make up 20% of the total production.

However, if the industry is modernized, the sales would increase by around 20 folds.

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