Pakistan Cannot Get Over Imran Khan’s Victory Speech – Neither Can The International Community!

Imran Khan’s thoroughly inclusive, neutral and hopeful victory speech has intensified the urge for change more than ever.

However, there are many positive aspects associated with it, but the best among them is how it talked about every segment of the society. From minority rights to stunted growth and child mortality rate, from subcontinent peace to Kashmir issue. From an economic perspective to protection and efforts to improve the lives living below the poverty line, the speech won the hearts of Pakistanis. For now, it all looks promising and looks like everything we have long waited for.

Imran Khan’s win not only had Pakistan’s eyes fixed on it but due to his exceptional cricketing career, repute in the sports community and fan-base extended across the globe, Pakistanis aren’t the only ones who are having sky-high expectations.
Khan’s speech was aired internationally, with translated subtitles and the people from different ends of the world were able to understand and comprehend it.

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And guess what? They have similar sentiments! All of them agreed that things appear to be finally changing for Pakistan and sent us the best wishes. It is safe to say that his speech touched many hearts and the global community is as desperate as we are to see this crisis-stricken yet resilient nation to rise to its finest heights – again.

After The New York Times posted the speech with English subtitles and title ‘’Imran Khan’s Victory Speech: A Call to ‘Take Care of Our Poor People’’ – this is what the international community had to say about it.


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