Pakistan Citizen Portal Among Google Play Store’s 7 Best Applications Category

Soon after the Pakistan Citizen Portal app was shortlisted for an award at the World Government Sumit in Dubai, the popular app is also in Google play store’s 7 best applications category.

A unique and unconventional initiative of its kind, the integrated citizen’s grievances redressal system connects all government organizations, both at federal and provincial levels with a normal citizen. It proved to be a liaison between the government and the people. People actively use it to record their complaints and though some showed their concern regarding the slow procedure, there have been a number of cases where people were satisfied as their issues were addressed.

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Nonetheless, it is refreshing to see the numbers of complaints that were generated on the app, that shows that people are finally showing interest in their surroundings and ‘care’ to talk about them. It was also claimed that it was also the first time that any government app has been shortlisted for the first time. With 737,000 people getting themselves registered on the application so far, and people continue to register themselves, Pakistan Citizens Portal has entered the category of 7 best applications of Google Play Store.

Pakistan Citizens Portal has been searched by people all across the globe due to its popularity across social media specifically. It has also been recorded at no. 7 in terms of productivity, as indicated by a statement issued by PM’s Media Office on Monday. The application has secured 22,983 stars. The satisfied feedback rate was recorded at 40.77%, out of 3,79,005 complaints the PM Media Office claimed that 2,28,609 complaints were resolved. People left of 65,000 suggestions, which shows the kind of participation and engagement the app managed to garner.

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