[CONTENT WARNING] 2000 women in Pakistan are killed every year in the name of dowry

Pakistan ranks number one in dowry deaths globally.

As soon as a girl is born, she frequently hears the phrase “Allah naseeb achay karay” from our patriarchal society because they believe “achay naseeb” is the most important thing she needs in life.

From her first birthday, the girl\\’s parents feel that they have to start saving penny by penny for her dowry. This act only signifies that no matter how capable, educated, or talented the girl is, people are only going to prioritize the financial label that comes with the girl at the time of the marriage.

And of course, when parents cannot offer a fair bride price with the bride – what to do with a living, breathing human alone?

Poison them

In Daska, 26-year-old Aneeba Shehzadi was poisoned by her husband over a dowry dispute.

Torture them

25-year-old Takreem\\’s in-laws forced her to drink acid three weeks after the marriage because her parents couldn\\’t offer anything more than prayers. With fresh henna on her hands and a stomach riddled with holes, the poor girl was brought to Daska Civil Hospital where she took her last breaths.

Shoot them

In 2015, a man shot his fiancé and her nine relatives over a dowry dispute in KPK province.

Burn them

22-year-old Madiha was doused with petrol and burned to death because her dowry didn\\’t include a motorbike.

And the list goes on …

On average, 2000 women in Pakistan are killed every year in the name of dowry. Pakistan ranks number one in dowry deaths with a rate of 2.45 per 100,000 women, followed by India, Iran, and Bangladesh.

Instead of lowering heads in shame, our society continues to defend the evil:

  • Pakistanis turned the entire UN Women\\’s Anti-dowry campaign into memes and mockery, sabotaging its core purpose.
  • Pakistanis came up with an argument that if asking women about dowry is unacceptable, then asking men about their salary should be too.

How much longer will people continue to turn their heads in the face of this systematic practice and societal evil that burdens the lower class, commercializes relationships, commodifies human beings, and takes the lives of thousands of women yearly? Would we ever be able to create a society where opportunities, roles, and contributions are equal or mutually agreed upon regardless of gender?

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  • This is a fabrication. Dowry is certainly a social problem in subcontinent but claiming 2000 women are killed every year without any data provided is none sense. What’s the need to peddle an unproven and perhaps a false statement to make a point?

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