Pakistan failing to produce quality fresh graduates – Punjab Education Minister

78% of the employers have shown dissatisfaction with the quality of graduates as they are unable to compete in the job market.

Pakistan failing to produce quality fresh graduates


Punjab Minister for Higher Education Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfraz has stressed on the urgent need to improve the quality of fresh graduates. He expressed these views at the launch ceremony of the recent report ”Graduate Employability: Employers’ Perception Survey Report 2018”.

Humayun said that the quality of fresh graduates being churned out by our higher education is alarming. He insisted that along with it, we need to do something to elevate the quality to come at par with job market standards.

“If we ask a graduate to write a single page on any topic, he cannot even do that. We have reached a point where we must sit and think about what is being taught at universities and the education being imparted.” – he said as Express Tribune reports. 

The findings of the report:

The report under discussion was compiled by a private business firm and the results showed that 78% of the employers from small and big corporations are unsatisfied with the competence of the fresh graduates.

The report further revealed that employers of multinational companies (MNCs), large national corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are equally unsatisfied by the quality of university graduates.

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How to tackle it:

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The report further suggested how the quality of fresh graduates can be improved for better employability perspectives. In addition, fast-track interventions are required by improving the instructional design and teacher training material.

“It was shocking to learn that 80% of industrial leaders said they had never been approached by the academia for any help or support.”

For all of those reasons, 82% of employers did not higher fresh graduates only on the basis of high grades. To sum it all up, employability, enterprise skills, and academic success are three factors of equal significance.

In conclusion, Pakistan needs to reflect on the education standards and improve for a secure future.

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