Pakistan to follow Chinese anti-corruption model, bureaucrats to attend training in China

  • China will provide anti-corruption training free of cost.
  • Training sessions will introduce bureaucracy with modern technological skills.
  • Training will be given in 11 different fields.
Pakistani bureaucrats will attend training sessions in China – photo courtesy Dawn.

The power circles in Pakistan have decided to implement the Chinese anti-corruption model, 92 News reported. The training sessions will start in eleven different fields this year in which bureaucrats from Pakistan will be trained. China will provide anti-corruption training free of cost.

Training of federal and provincial bureaucracy

In the first phase, training will be given to the bureaucrats working across the federation while in the second phase the provincial bureaucracy will be trained. Applications have been required by the government for the officials of grade 17 to 20. The training session that will continue till September 4 starting from August this year will introduce the officials with modern technological skills.

Training for tax system management

The training for tax system management will be provided from August 26 to September 8. Training for Smart City Framework will also be scheduled for the month of September. The training session will also include China’s poverty alleviation model.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly said to learn from China how to defeat the menaces of corruption and poverty. He also asserts to learn from China’s expertise in the agricultural sector. China in its recent drive against poverty has lifted about 800 million people from poverty.

China focused on improving the lives of ordinary citizens and has maintained a huge investment in the education sector and population control.

What is required for Pakistan?

China’s unparalleled growth and development owe its existence to its strong institutional setup and high economic growth. Pakistan must follow the no-conflict policy of China. To get benefited by the Chinese technological advancement and poverty alleviation precedents, the country needs institutional reforms. Economic stability to which Pakistan still seems to be devoid of is a prerequisite for the welfare of society.

What do you think about institutional reforms in Pakistan? Do you believe that the beneficiaries of the status quo will let the system transformed as per the stated agenda of PM Imran Khan?

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