Pakistan Has The Highest Child Mortality Rate In The WORLD

Inadequacy and low quality of health services in Pakistan show their worst possible impression as we say that Pakistan has the highest child mortality rate in the WORLD.

According to a UNICEF report, children born in third-world developing countries are at 50 times higher risk of death as compared to developed countries. It can be well identified by the harrowing stats as 1 in 22 babies born in Pakistan is at a risk of death while in Japan, the number is 1 in 1,111.

Among the 10 highest risk countries, 8 are in sub-Saharan Africa. The reason for this stark difference is that in developing countries, pregnant women are less likely to have access to medical facilities due to societal taboos, conflict, weak institutions and strict financial constraints.

Every year, 2.6 million babies lose their lives and are not able to make it through their first month. But 80% of these deaths can actually be prevented.

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The prevention strategy must start from the pregnancy period, where most women due to lack of awareness are likely to be unaware of their body chemistry. Due to lack of education on the subject, women are more likely to suffer severe health implications along with the newborns.

The situation can be improved by involving midwives in the process and bringing the facilities within reach of women. Poorly trained staff in developing countries is a contributing reason to the harrowing situation. Like in Norway, there are 18 doctors, nurses and midwives to attend every 10,000 people. Compared to this, Somalia has only one.

In Pakistan, the situation needs to be attended on an urgent basis. As per UN, it can be improved by educating the women, taking precautionary measures, increased accessibility of health services, disinfectants, clean water, skin-to-skin touch, good nutrition and breastfeeding within the first hour.

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