Pakistan plans to start exporting electricity to Central Asia

Apart from the transmission line, converter stations will be constructed in Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan.


Pakistan has initiated talks for the export of electricity to the Central Asian states such as Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan by using an open access clause which is already part of the Master Agreement under the CASA-1000 project.

A senior official of Power Division stated that last week, a crucial dialogue about the export of electricity took place in Dubai between the experts of the National Transmission Dispatch Company (NTDC) on behalf of Pakistan and experts in Tajikistan.

Previously, Tajikistan was asked by Pakistan to cite the open access clause in the agreement under the CASA-1000 project to make progress for the two-way trade of electricity. Under the existing deal, Pakistan has to import 1000 MW electricity per day, costing 9.50 cents per unit in summers, following the beginning of the project. More importantly, in any case of disruptive activity in Afghanistan, Pakistan will not have electricity transit losses.

With the surplus in electricity, Pakistan wants to export it to Afghanistan, Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz republic by using the same structure as of CASA project during winters

The official said that Pakistan desires to export electricity, by using the open clause, to the countries which will give Pakistan electricity in summer season under CASA-1000. The whole project costs$1.17 billion for its completion and apart from the transmission line, converter stations will be constructed in Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan.

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  • Why do we need to purchase power at high price of 9.50 cents when we already have surplus energy in the country. The task should be to make our transmission system viable to transmit 40.000 MW instead of producing and purchasing more.

  • We are suffering from too much electricity loadshedding both in summer and winter as well in Pakistan.
    Shame on the Pakistani authorities for exporting electricity.
    I request PM Imran Khan to intervene into this matter and first give electricity to its own people and get rid of such foolish advisors.

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