India’s Pulwama False Flag EXPOSED, Pakistan asks global community to take action

A damning transcript of WhatsApp messages has exposed India's smear campaign against Pakistan.

Pakistan has called on the international community to take action against India in the wake of the False Flag operation in Pulwama. It has expressed hope that the world will put India in jeopardy if it threatens South Asian peace.

A damning transcript of WhatsApp messages between the Indian anchor, Arnab Goswami, and Pratho Dasgupta -the incarcerated head of rating company Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC)- has exposed India’s smear campaign against Pakistan.

The conversation is part of a 3,400-page supplementary charge-sheet filed by the Mumbai Police investigating the alleged tampering case.

In a statement, the Foreign Office said the conversation supported Pakistan’s stance on India’s ideological designs.

At least 40 Indian paramilitary troops were killed in an attack in February of 2019 in Pulwama, just weeks before the Indian parliamentary elections.

The Foreign Office spokesperson said that the BJP government had created a false flag operation in the Pulwama attack. Indian Prime Minister Modi used the Pulwama attack, and Balakot strikes as part of his election campaign.

However, the leaked Goswami-Dasgupta conversation confirmed that the Pulwama attack was staged to amplify Modi’s election bid.

According to the spokesperson, “We rejected India’s misleading, baseless and poisonous propaganda against Pakistan. Our government highlighted that the BJP government was behind the Pulwama attack as it won many seats in the Lok Sabha.”

“We hope that the international community will hold India accountable for deteriorating the regional environment and endangering the peace and security of South Asia,” the Foreign Office added.

Meanwhile, the Information Minister, Shibli Faraz, has also tweeted that the Indian anchor transcripts have exposed the nefarious nexus between the BJP’s Hindutva-majority government, Indian intelligence, and its militant media.

He said that this proves Pakistan’s position that the Pulwama attack was nothing but a lie and a betrayal.

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  • With each passing day Modi, RSS & India is getting exposed ……. a phenomenal karma of Pakistan’s proactive foreign policy.

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