Pakistan is Declared as World’s Third Highest Potential Adventure Destination for 2020

BBS ranked Pakistan as one of the most adventurous tourism

Pakistan declared as a third-largest potential adventure destination in the world by 2020. British Backpackers Society says Pakistan is now the adventurous destination. It’s time to visit Pakistan as the country is now one of the top destinations for low-cost tourism.

The British Backpackers Society (BBS) declared that Pakistan is the world’s third-largest potential adventure destination by 2020.

BBS’s Samuel Johnson said that Pakistan is a gem of travel and is currently one of the most exciting travel destinations across the world.

Adventurous attractions in Pakistan?

Pakistan offers more for travelers and tourists. Adventurers’ Johanson tourists: “In addition to traveling on the Karakoram Highway, visiting the bustling Karachi Market, tasting delicious flavors in Lahore’s food street, and meeting with someone friendly storytelling on the streets of Peshawar and drinking tea.”

“Your tour to Pakistan will be a trip you will never forget. The best adventure travel experience is the northeast corner of Pakistan, this is an unparalleled geographical advantage,” Johnson said.

Pakistan is famous for “hippie roads” across the world because they warmly welcome foreign tourists. Pakistan expressed its willingness to “peace will bring you” to the world tourism community.

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The Pakistani government has placed tourism apart from the political agendas, and promotes “traveling the world,” it has gradually changed, and there are many reasons to believe that Pakistan will continue to enjoy the growth of tourism in the next decade. “

To nurture this trend, the BBS will encourage the Pakistani government to invest heavily in promoting overseas tourism assets and take beautiful photos of Basu Cone, Hunza Valley, or Concordia buses (such as taxis in London or New York) to show the beauty of Pakistan to the world.

According to top Travel Magazines

American Travel Magazine has also listed Pakistan as one of its main tourist destinations in 2020. Conte Nast Traveler, a luxury travel magazine for high-end tourists, has identified Pakistan as a destination that publishers will attract for the coming decades.

Pakistan is a country that “adventure travelers” should visit. In the past two decades, Pakistan’s tourism industry faced downfall due to stories of terrorism and the Taliban government. The country finally brought back to the spotlight and efforts in tourism.

Michael Palin said, “The peak of Pakistan is more than 2,265 feet compared to the sum of China and Nepal, which makes it a semi-magnetic place for adventure travelers and bold hikers.” You can climb through the 12,250-foot-tall Shandur Pass, the highest polo stadium in the world, and you can also meet the Kalash people in the Hindu Kush, with its Cowrie shell head and famous embroidery.

The country’s majestic mountains are not the only attraction. “In Lahore, the provincial capital, Badshahi mosque of the 17th-century will mesmerize you. The Mughal-era architectural masterpieces still reflecting on the streets”.

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