Pakistan Is Still Struggling To Give Its Daughters Their Right To Life – Why?


Islam entered Arab as the only refuge for the helpless women, who were denied their right to life just because of their gender. The holy religion defied all the existing injustices and Prophet (SAWW) showed respect for a woman practically for standing in honor of his daughter.

While the most superior man to all the men who ever walked the face of Earth showed his gratitude for his daughter in an exemplary manner, the followers of the same faith consider them to be a shame.

If you have a daughter whom you love dearly and you cant relate to what I just said, thank God. Thank God for keeping you strong and not letting you fall victim to the blind patriarchy that engulfs our society.

Population Research Institute is a non-profit research group that collects data on sex-selective abortion*. According to their findings, Pakistan aborted over 1.2 million female foetuses between 2000 and 2014.

*sex-selective abortion: Sex-selective abortion is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant.

So now that technology has aided the male-obsessed society even more, 1.2 million women terminate or are forced to terminate their pregnancies as soon as they find out that they are nourishing a girl inside her, not a boy.

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As per the reports, the yearly average of sex-selective abortions in Pakitan is 116,384. The harrowing numbers are reportedly only surpassed by India and China. However, we must take into perspective that the population in China and India both are significantly more than Pakistan as well.

The numbers are calculated using census numbers and life expectancy and then projecting the natural ratio and noting the disparity between what should be and what is.

 With lack of family planning and inadequate facilities to ensure the reproductive health, woman’s health is often compromised in the process. However, more stigmas attached, women are further pressurized during this body changing and life-reforming, leading to long-term health problems. And then she is further punished for having a daughter in her womb by forcing her to abort her. It’s disturbing that while the rest of the world is on the way to achieving gender equality, we are still struggling to give our daughter the right to LIVE.

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