Pakistan is the 20th biggest military spender in the world – Sipri

According to a report by Sipri, Pakistan is among the top 20 countries with highest military expenditures.

Despite the crippling economy, Pakistan is the 20th biggest military spender in the entire world. A report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), titled ”TRENDS IN WORLD MILITARY
EXPENDITURE, 2018” was compiled by the researchers Nan Tian, Aude Fleurant, Alexandra Kuimova,
Pieter d. Wezeman and Siemon t. Wezeman.

It suggested that Pakistan is among the countries with most military expenditures, with a figure of $11.4 billion for the year 2018. (See the report HERE)

Military Expenditure in Pakistan increased to 10378.20 USD Million in 2017 from 9973.80 USD Million in 2016. Military Expenditure in Pakistan averaged 4145.99 USD Million from 1956 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 10378.20 USD Million in 2017 and a record low of 546 USD Million in 1957.


The military spending for the year 2018 made up four per cent of Pakistan’s GDP (gross domestic product), which is the highest level since 2004, the Sweden-based institute suggested.

The Sipri report also ranked Pakistan on the list of top 10 countries with the highest “military burden”. The term military burden is defined as a “state’s military expenditure as a share of GDP”.

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The report further stated that ever since the year 2009, Pakistan’s military spending has increased every year. Between the year 2009 and 2018, Pakistan’s military expenditure has increased by an expansive 73 per cent. During the years 2017 and 2018 alone, the military expenditure increased by 11 pc.

Who spends the most?

The United States of America was ranked number one on the list which spent $649 bn on its forces in 2018. But the US military spending overall has significantly dropped over the past decade, the report suggests.

China was second on the list, with around $250bn military spending for the past year. It was followed by Saudi Arabia (around $67.6bn), India ($66.5bn) and France ($63.8bn). These top 5 countries on the list accounted for 60% of the total global military spending.

The report further revealed that India’s spending on military increased by 3.1% between 2017-18 and was “largely motivated by tensions and rivalry with Pakistan and China”. However, despite the increase from last year, India’s military burden is now the lowest since the 1960s. Due to the size of their economy and their capacity to bear the burden, it only made 2.4% of India’s GDP.

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