Pakistan Is The Second Most ‘Religious’ Country – Report Finds

A report suggests that Pakistan is the second most religious (religion influenced) country.

As per the report published by the Pew Research Center, Pakistan is the second most religious country in Asia. According to the finding, 94% people of the country think that religion has a strong influence in their daily lives. Pakistan is also among the most religion-influenced countries in the world, while Ethiopia tops the chart with a solid 98%.

The report also revealed that the religion has a strong hold and influence in Latin America, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

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18% of Australia’s population is religious, for Russia the stats stand at 16%, the United States 53%, Canada 27% while 75% of the Brazilian population is influenced by religion. The report also revealed that European countries are far less religious comparatively. Sweden and the United Kingdom are among the least religion influenced countries in the world.

Pakistan’s neighbouring country, though secular essentially, is also among the top 5 religious countries. Here are the top 5 religion influenced country in the world:

1) Ethiopia 98%

2) Pakistan 94%

3) Indonesia 93%

4) Honduras 90%

5) Nigeria 88%

Among the least religious countries, China stands with the lowest percentage. Only 3% of the total population in China is influenced by religion.

Here are the 5 least religious countries in the world:

1) China 3%

2) The United Kingdom 10%

3) Japan 10%

4) Sweden 10%

5) France 11%

The report, in its significant findings, also suggested that the countries whose population is rapidly increasing are comparatively more impacted by religion as compared to those who have successfully controlled their population.

The report also made an important revelation that the younger adults are less religious as compared to older people – implying that the world is becoming less religious over time.

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