Pakistan and Israel forces train together for the first time for the US-led-Navy exercise 2022

The IMX drill was launched in 2012 as the most significant naval drill event in the Middle East.

The US-Navy-led International Maritime Exercise (IMX) 2022 ended earlier this week. The biennial event lasted for 18 days. Several significant incidents occurred during the event; however, the most stand-out occurrence was Pakistani and Israeli Navies sharing a military platform for the first time.

According to reports by Israeli media outlets, this was the first time the Israeli Navy participated in a military exercise with countries that do not have diplomatic ties with the Jewish state. Speaking about IMX, Israeli Naval Chief David Salama said:

Israel’s participation in the US-led naval exercise demonstrates the strengthening bilateral connection between both countries based on strategic partnership. The Israeli Navy will continue working together with our American partners to prevent terror in the maritime arena and to strengthen the security of the region’s waters.

Hailing the growing ties between the two navies, the head of the US 5th Fleet, Admiral Brad Cooper, said:

This joint exercise demonstrates our determination to protect international law and order. This is an exceptional opportunity to expand our interoperability as we strengthen our naval ties.

Pakistan Navy’s Commodore Vaqar Muhammad, who was also the Deputy Commander of the IMX 2022, said:

This year’s IMX provided a unique opportunity to navies from across the globe, maritime organizations, and communities to demonstrate global resolve to preserve the rules-based international order.

Introduction to IMX

The IMX drill was launched in 2012 as the most significant naval drill event in the Middle East. In its seventh edition, 9,000 personnel of navies of 60 countries, including Pakistan and Israel, participated in the IMX 2022.

The participants included Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Comoros, Djibouti, Somalia, and Yemen – countries that do not have diplomatic ties with Israel. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain also don’t recognize Israel but took part in the IMX 2022 too.

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  • fake news. exercise held in large area… Pakistan Navy was in completely different domain of the exercise.

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