Pakistan eyes on starting local production of cellphones soon

This would help increase foreign direct investment, earn foreign exchange, and job creation.

The Ministry of Information Technology (IT) and Telecom has decided to start smartphone production in Pakistan. The plan was proposed by the Federal Minister of IT and Telecom Syed Aminul Haque, who believes that it can reshape the economy.

The minister said it is important for Pakistan to build the capacity to produce smartphones locally. It would help boost foreign direct investment, enhance earnings in foreign exchange, and increase job opportunities.

The local production of smartphones would also increase foreign exchange savings on smartphone imports. Aminul Haque added that the goal is to strengthen the economy and create alternatives that are affordable and easily accessible to people.

The proposal in this regard has been sent to the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) for approval.

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  • They have a big complex known as NRTC, which is right next to the old factory of TIP @ Haripur. If they want, then they already have everything in place.

  • یہ کام عمران خان کی حکومت نے ہی کرنے ہیں۔ باقی صرف کھاؤ پیو میں لگی تھیں؟

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