Pakistan may face oxygen shortage during the 3rd wave, warn producers

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oxygen shortage

Oxygen producers have warned that Pakistan may also face a shortage of oxygen gas to treat respiratory insufficiencies like India during the third wave of COVID-19. 

An official of the oxygen-producing company named Pakistan Oxygen Limited told a source, “Hundred percent of oxygen produced by our company is being supplied to the healthcare facilities due to multifold increase in its demand after a surge in coronavirus cases. If cases continue to rise, hospitals may face a shortage of oxygen as we are producing at our maximum capacity.” 

Data collected by the National Command and Operation Center revealed that  there were around 4,652 COVID patients on high and low oxygen throughout the country on Friday.

Moreover, health officials claimed that patients requiring oxygen are on the rise due to an increase in the coronavirus positivity rate and hospitalization of patients.

Health officials also revealed that the number of people with COVID-19 pneumonia is very high during the third wave of the pandemic in Pakistan compared to the first and second waves.

Speaking to the source, the Dean of Health Services Academy, Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan, said, “Most hospitalized patients require oxygen as the life-saving gas is the most important intervention in saving the COVID-19 patients. The NCOC has already warned that 90% of our beds of oxygen facility are already filled.”

Dr. Khan stated that if the number of patients requiring oxygen rises due to an increase in the number of COVID patients, it could put an extra burden on the oxygen-producing capacity of the companies. He urged people to take precautionary measures in this scenario to avoid situations like India.

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  • ابھی سو رہے ہے جب جاگے جب ختم ہورہی ہوگی جب دنیا پابندی لگا رہی تھی تب بھی سو رہے تھے خیرات کی ویکیسن کا انتظار ہے

  • Incompetence. The oxygen supply should have been increased significantly from the start of the pandemic.

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